Labeling MKO terrorists, not enough

TEHRAN, Jul. 15 (MNA) – A foreign ministry source condemned the way French government deals with anti-Iran terrorists who are headquartered in France.

“Just saying that France has no contact with the MKO and label the grouplet as a non-democratic and pro-violence militia is not enough,” said an Iranian foreign ministry source to the local media on Thursday after the reaction of the French foreign ministry to the Iranians’ protests to the Paris rally of last week.

The unnamed source criticized the French way of dealing with the issue and, quoting some of descriptions made by the French, like ‘terrorist,’ ‘pro-violence,’ and ‘pro-sectarianism’ about the terrorist grouplet, described the act as 'words that speak louder than actions.'

“Given that the French have called themselves one of the victims of the terrorist acts of Takfiris, who are backed by some reactionary states who have given birth to and fed al Qaeda and the ISIL, in the last recent years, show that the French are at least now determined to counter terrorism and extremism,” highlighted the FM source.

After Iran’s foreign ministry summoned the French ambassador to Tehran to register Iran’s strong protest over Paris hosting the anti-Iran rally of terrorists, the French foreign ministry announced that Paris has no connection with terrorists groups like the MKO.