Iran condemns Baghdad Sadr City terrorist blasts

AhlulBayt News Agency - Iran's FM spokesperson has condemned terrorist blasts in Baghdad’s Sadr City on Tuesday which killed and wounded 200 citizens, mainly Shias.

Hossein Jaberi Ansari who was speaking to the press reacting officially to the blast, offered condolences for the families of victims and Iraqi government as well; “the growing pace of terrorist blasts indicates a systematic defeat for Takfirists and an act rooted in their cowardly action due to their recent losing ground in Iraq; they had been embarking on brutality against government and the public; supporting Iraqi army and government against terrorism is an international undertaking; terrorism has traversed borders and swept political boundaries, threatening global security,” he told the press.

“We appreciate the role and efforts of public mobilization forces and recommends Iraqi tribes and political parties to stick to unity and accelerate the pace of efforts in addressing pressing problems of the country; a stable political terrain and legitimate government would precipitate debacle of the terrorism and its supporters,” he added.