Zionism, terrorism key issues of Muslim World: Rouhani


In a meeting with Ahmet Davutoğlu, Turkish Prime Minister, President Rouhani described Zionism and terrorism as key issues of the Islamic World and said: “There is no doubt in the failure of Zionism and all Islamic countries, especially Iran and Turkey, should attempt to solve the issues and discords in the Islamic World”.

“The issues of the Islamic World should be solved merely by Islamic countries, without any foreign intervention” he continued.

Davutoğlu also described terrorism as a threat and crisis for all countries of the region and the world and said: “Today ISIS is a common threat to all countries of the region and the entire world should confront it collectively; in doing so, Turkey is completely ready to cooperate with Iran in this regard”.

President Rouhani arrived in Ankara late Friday in order to have meetings with high-ranking Turkish officials following an official invitation by the President of Turkey.