Terrorist cells dismantled before trying to disrupt the elections

As reported by Habilian database quoting IRIB news agency, Iranian Minister of intelligence called upon Takfiri terrorists in a news conference on Saturday and said: “Radars of Ministry of intelligence have no blind spot thanks to the cooperation between us and other involved entities. Takfiri terrorists will not be allowed to enter the Iranian soil and they will not stand a chance.”

He then referred to the high turnout in the recent twin elections in Iran and continued: “It was crucial for the elections to be held in a safe environment. Terrorists who envied the country’s success tried to distort the elections but the Ministry of Intelligence and other security entities had a full intelligence dominance over the situation and thanks to God, all suspicious movements were detected and hit in time.”

Mr. Alavai also pointed out that several terrorist cells that had plans for conducting attacks inside Iran had been arrested before and included: “On February 8, a Takfiri element carrying two manual bombs, some explosives, an electronic remote control and a magnetic bomb used for exploding cars was detected and detained in southern borders of the country.”

He further continued: “We were watching terrorist groups that had plans to conduct their operations on the election day and arrested a 4-member team of them on February 24. Some explosive equipment used for suicide operations were found in their safehouse.”

Despite Iran is surrounded by countries where Takfiri terrorists have been very active in the past few decades, and although they would not hesitate to take their chances to attack Iran if they find the opportunity, Islamic Republic of Iran has been successful in confronting terrorists and a lot of potential catastrophic events have been prevented by the security forces.