Iran’s president renews call for global efforts against terrorism

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday stressed the need for enhanced cooperation among all countries to confront terrorism, which threatens not just the Middle East, but the entire world.

“All countries should endeavor to reinforce stability and security across the world, particularly in the Middle East, and to fight against dangerous terrorist groups,” Rouhani said in a meeting of high-ranking Iranian and Swiss delegations here in Tehran.

“We have no doubt that terrorists, who have turned to a big threat for regional countries, will also be dangerous for other countries of the world, including European states,” he said, urging that all countries should work together to stop terrorists.

“Today, terrorists are being supplied with the most modern weapons in the region; they are extracting oil from the territories they occupied, and openly transfer it to another country,” the Iranian president went on to say.

He further noted that the first step in the campaign against terror is to prevent the delivery of financial and arms aid to terrorists and their recruitment of human resources, calling on the world to stop young people from joining terrorist groups.

“Iran and Switzerland should have further consultations on the resolution of regional issues,” he said during the meeting, which was also attended by Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann.

The Swiss president, for his part, underlined the need for finding a common solution to regional issues and ending terrorism, stressing that Tehran and Bern can have good cooperation in this regard.

Heading a high-ranking political, economic and scientific delegation, Schneider-Ammann arrived in Iran on Friday evening. His trip marks the first-ever visit to Iran by a Swiss president.