Americans slayed in Iran by the MKO

Since its inception in 1963, MKO opposed the pro-western Pahlavi regime, and carried out its strategy of armed struggle in the period leading up to the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The results included the murder of six Americans in 1970s. These assassinations were a source of proud for the anti-imperialist MKO so that they triumphantly claimed responsibility for the attacks in their publications.

However, after the fall of MKO’s chief patron, Saddam Hussein, the group felt the need to shift its policy in order to survive. And now after some four decades, MKO claims it has turned up-side down denying any killing of US citizens, therefore now it is welcome in the United States!

Following is one of the newspaper pieces which published the news of the slaying of the US citizens at the hands of the MKO terrorists.