Zarif: All should be united against extremists, terrorists

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that all countries should be united against extremist and terrorist groups.

He made the remarks here on Friday in a meeting with Iranian media representatives in the venue of Munich Security Conference.

Concerning last the meeting of Syrian Contact Group on Thursday evening, Zarif said that Irans point of view on Syria is that violence should be ended and all should be united against extremist groups and that ground for dispatching humanitarian aids to Syria should be paved.

Last night, the meeting decided to send humanitarian aids either to the besieged towns by armed groups or the cities liberated by government forces to prevent a human catastrophe and conflicts to be ceased in the first possible moment.

He said that the trend may help peace process in Syria.

Zarif also said, I underline again that at the first phase, the involved groups should reach the reality that there is no military solution for Syrian problem and that the terrorist and extremist groups can not be used as a pressure instrument against others.

Syrian people should have opportunity to be active in efforts to end the crisis, Zarif said.

A number of countries like Saudi Arabia had declared readiness to sent military forces to Syria, while all sides should concentrate on political solution and do not make the issue more complicated.

He said that the topic of his speech to be delivered in the Munich Security Conference on Friday evening will be Security in the Persian Gulf and Irans proposals in this concern.