Habilian exhibition at nursing school of Mashhad

Organized by Habilian Association, the 7-day long exhibition was held at nursing school of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences.

The exhibition presented posters with topics including an introduction to terror and violence history in Iran, the eclectic thoughts of Muahedin e-Khalq organization’s founders, a thorough review of torture methods in the terrorist group, psychology of Masoud Rajavi (MKO’s leader) and the cult’s brainwashing methods.

Self-immolation of the cult members, MKO’s false Islam, Mossad and MKO’s roles in the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists, introduction of Iranian terror victims, MKO’s terrorist operations including Aftab, Chelcheragh, Forough e-javidan and Morvarid were among the other parts of the exhibition.

Another part of the exhibition presented some information on how MKO agents were connected to post 2009 Iranian election riots, confessions of the detained rioters, a comprehensive review of their leaders actions and behind the scenes of human right activists in Iran.

Habilian’s multimedia software products, as well as a number of books regarding terrorism and terrorist groups were presented to the visitors at the end of the event.