'West shuts eyes to Saudi Arabia’s HR abuses'

Secretary General of Habilian Association has said the western countries and human rights organizations shut their eyes to the Saudi Arabia’s human rights violations.

“International Human Rights organizations’ silence over Saudi Arabia’s crimes and execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr is mainly because of their financial interests as well as their selective approach,” Seyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad said.

“The Human Rights’ selective approach is in line with the same behavior of the governments who keep claiming to be defending human rights,” he added.

“Although the western countries have repeatedly condemned Iran for executing murderers and drug traffickers, they are keeping shtum in the face of the execution of a religious figure whose main crime was expression of his faith and seeking justice.”

He added that the western countries are also remaining silent over the staggering execution of political dissidents and those figures who are seeking justice for a group of Muslims in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

When asked about the selection of Saudi Arabia as the head of a key UN human rights panel, Hasheminejad said, “this is one of the historical ironies that Saudi Arabia is chosen as this position while it is violating the basic human rights.”

Referring to some human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia, he added that the United Nations and human rights organizations shut their eyes to these violations of human rights because of their financial interests.