Martyr Seyed Javad Alavi-Moghaddam

Seyed Javad Alavi-Moghaddam was born and grew up in a religious Muslim family in the northeastern city of Sabzevar in 1957. There he went to school until he finished the elementary and high school. In 1976 Sayyed Javad was accepted in the entrance exam of Mashhad University in the field of Chemistry and became an active student in any Islamic movement from the very beginning days of university.

During the days of the Islamic Revolution in its peak, he spent all his time in distributing books, tapes and declaration papers of the Revolution in his hometown of Sabzevar and actively attended the anti-dictatorship demonstrations. Alavi-Moghaddam was even injured once or twice during the demonstrations and was looked for by SAVAK the way he was arrested by them in 1978 and was in jail until he was released by the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Seyed Javad Alavi-Moghaddam actively participated in martyr Hasheminejad and martyr Kamyab’s classes about the terrorist groups particularly MKO terrorist cult. He the conveyed what he learned about the MKO members to others wholeheartedly.

Finally, the enemies of Islam and Iran who couldn’t bear his presence and anti-hypocrisy activities targeted and killed him in Chazzabe strait on April 12, 1982.