US-led coalition of 60 states merely to 'manipulate terrorism'

Iran’s Secretary of SNSC Ali Shamkhani said the rapid developments in different parts of Syria revealed that US-led coalition of 60 countries only aimed at manipulating terrorism and not countering it.

Ali Shamkhani, head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, in the annual conference of Iran’s ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions on Tuesday in Tehran, commemorated the occasion of Nov. 4 as the ‘National Day of Fighti against Global Arrogance,’ and added that the main mission of the Islamic Republic’s heads of diplomatic missions in other countries is to make the utmost use of diplomatic capacities and take the initiative in areas that are influential on Iran’s national security.

Noting the substantive changes in Syrian crisis and the curb in the bargaining power of terrorist groups and their regional allies, Shamkhani added, “the rapid developments and demolition of a significant part of terrorists’ equipment and human forces in various parts of Syria proved that the US-led coalition of 60 countries has been formed merely to direct the terrorism in their favorit direction and not to counter it and has resulted in no operational value whatsoever.”

The Iranian senior official then maintained that the change in the nature of threats made by domineering powers against the Islamic Republic necessitates a redefinition of countermeasures against the new threats, adding “the change in the US and Britain’s policies and their decision to maintain their presence in the region by establishing new bases indicate further instability and insecurity for the future of the region.”

Shamkhani then added that the most political activity of the Islamic Republic in the post JCPOA era has been improving regional cooperation and the country would continue this path by reducing conflicts and insecurities and preventing trans-regional powers from creating discord among other nations.