U.S. actions prompt terrorism

Any group fighting for its right to exist out of desperation is hailed as terrorist by whatever illicit power happens to be in control. Authoritarians always demonize the other, and often the other was or is being put upon by the controlling powers.

Terrorism is an outworking of oppression and desperation. The American revolutionaries were terrorists who went on to inflict genocide on Native Americans. America, as the world's police, is the leading user of oppression and a primary cause of terrorism, and we ourselves use terror tactics, such as drones and torture, routinely.

In every war, the U.S. committed war crimes and between every war our CIA supports or creates coups and murders the empire's undesirables. We install cooperative despots. The militarization of homeland police is a terror tactic, so is the propaganda infused into media. The only difference between them and us is the size of the stick we wield. If we used our power to drop food and hope rather than bombs and disharmony, there would be far fewer terrorists.