Iran urges US to stop grooming terrorists

FM Spokeswoman Afkham said US has to stop its terrorist-nurturing policies in order to pursue a political solution in Syria.

Deeming her American counterpart’s remarks on the need for Iran to stop supporting allies in order to resolve the Syrian crisis as unacceptable, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham underlined, “undoubtedly, Iran is serious and determined to fight terrorism and our actions in the region are in accordance with the country's responsibilities and interests in the region,” adding, “these repetitive statements run counter to realities on the ground.”

US State Department spokesman John Kirby had earlier claimed that Iran continues to support terrorist organizations and create problems not just for Syria but the Middle East region.

“Real causes of the Syrian crisis are rooted in military intervention, dual policies of America and its allies as well as instrumentalization of terrorist groups,” said Afkham calling on the US to stop its support for the policy of terrorist-nurturing in order to pursue political solutions in Syria.

“Iran has been a victim of terrorism and has paid a heavy price in the fight against this inhumane phenomenon; interestingly, US along with allies including Saudi Arabia which have created several terrorist groups like al-Qaeda, Taliban, al-Nusra Front and ISIL, have formed a so-called anti-terror coalition,” she added.

“Meanwhile, they continue to exacerbate regional problems in the region by providing terrorists with financial and logistic support, categorizing them and assigning new titles to them as well as spending huge amounts of money on their training,” Afkham noted.

FM spokeswoman urged the US to stop its dangerous approach and put an end to its ambiguous and opportunistic behavior as a serious and necessary step to help resolve the crisis in Syria.

“We have always looked for a political solution to the Syrian crisis and the Islamic Republic of Iran uses all capacities to achieve a balanced and long-lasting solution relying on real views of the Syrian people,” Afkham reiterated.