Eight books on terrorism published

Habilian Association has released 8 books on the issue of terrorism in Iran in the Second International Congress on 17000 Iranian Terror Victims.

These books included three trilingual books, two books in English and three books in Persian:

1. “The Men of their Words,” a trilingual (English, Arabic, Persian) book which introduces a number of influential scholars of the Muslim Ummah who were targeted by terrorist groups.

2. “Convicted of Serving People,” a trilingual (English, Arabic, Persian) book introducing a number of Iranian officials who were holding legislative, administrative or judicial posts falling victim to the terrorist acts.

3. “Evidence of Innocence,” another trilingual book containing brief biographies of 72 victims of terrorist attacks obtained through intensive interviews with their family members.

4. “Recollections of a Former Terrorist,” in English, is the recollections of Batoul Soltani, former member of the MKO leadership council who managed to escape the cult after two decades of being captive in a notorious paramilitary camp called Camp Ashraf.

5. “Mujahedin-e Khalq in International Documents” is an English book detailing the international documents and western politicians’ acknowledgments to the terrorist and cult-like aspects of the MKO.

6. “Timeline of Terrorist Incidents in Iran” features all the terrorist incidents occurred from the victory of Islamic Revolution on February 11, 1979, up to the March 19, 1980. The multi-volume book is the first book in Iran which compiled the terrorist attacks since Islamic Revolution.

7. “Guide for Terrorism Research” is structured in four chapters. In chapter 1, the reader is introduced with 572 Persian and Arabic sources for research on terrorism. 318 English books on terrorism are provided in chapter 2. Chapter 3 introduces academic theses on terrorism related issues. The final chapter of the book presents a number of articles written on terrorism and terrorist groups.

8. “Proceedings of the 1st National Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims,” is a voluminous book featuring 45 papers presented to the 1st National Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims on August 2013.