Terrorism will Hit all its Supporters One Day

Addressing the opening ceremony of the 2nd International Congress on 17000 Iranian Terror Victims, President Hassan Rouhani said that supporters of terrorism will be affected by the same event one day.

President Rouhani said the terrorism has been a new tool in today world for different purposes which has turned into an organizational issue from a secondary one.

He underlined that terrorism will remain as long as there is no universal determination and will to fight against the issue.

Pointing to the ugly face of terror, Rouhani said the issue is unfortunately happening in people's lives since past and has taken a new form in the modern world and politics.

Rouhani said the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a country which has always been a victim of terror, is determined to fight against any kinds of terrorism emerged in anywhere and against any nation and will undoubtedly make outmost efforts to support the oppressed and take any action against the hideous event.

"We have done so, we have assisted all those who are fighting against terrorists in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and any other places; we will fight terrorism anywhere in region to support oppressed people," Rouhani underlined.

“This regime (Tel Aviv) began its work on the basis of intimidation, terror and occupation, and is continuing [to move on] the same anti-human path today,” Rouhani said.

In his keynote speech, the president also referred to Takfiri groups, including Daesh, Taliban and Boko Haram, as other sources of terrorism in the region.

Another example of terrorism, he said, is ideological terrorism, in which a group of fanatics commits acts of terror under the cover of religion.

President Rouhani said terrorism has turned into an organized practice, saying a “global will” is required to wipe out terror.

Terrorism is one of the scourges plaguing the human community since old times, said the president, adding, “In the modern world and modern politics, terror and terrorists have taken on a new shape.”

He said Iran itself has been a victim of terrorism.

“Following the victory of the [1979] Islamic Revolution, Iran first fell victim to terror and terrorism, and second, it fell victim to an imposed war [by Iraq in the 1980s]; and in the very same war, it (Iran) fell victim to weapons of mass destruction,” the president said.

He then took a swipe at Washington for having adopted double standards in dealing with terrorism.

President Rouhani said the US and certain other Western states bang the drum for fighting terrorism but turn a blind eye to the acts of terror committed by notorious terrorists who have killed thousands of innocent people in Iran and who are walking free with impunity and carrying out ostensibly political activities in the very same Western countries.

He also decried the United Nations and other international bodies for failing to take serious action to tackle terrorism, saying they have never condemned the Israeli regime for committing war crimes and acts of genocide as well as conducting organized attacks against Palestinians.