Dr. Rajabi Davani: US has int’l organizations under its thumb

Referring to the right to veto as the law of jungle, an Iranian author and researcher said “the US has international organizations under its thumb.”

“I believe the Islamophobia stems from the fact that the Islamic Republic has disrupted all the western equations,” said Dr. Mohammad-Hossein Rajabi-Davani who lectures in Islamic history. “Following the Renaissance and Industrial Revolution, the west found superiority in political, military, economic and technological aspects especially over the Muslims.”

He added that the western countries suggested that their civilization was the leading civilization and the beacon of hope for mankind, but the victory of Islamic Revolution “disrupted this equation and heralded the return to spirituality and bringing religion to politics and society.” “The West felt that it has bitten the dust and that if such ideology continues, the western civilization will be challenged and marginalized.”

“When they themselves did the 9/11 and put the blame on Muslims the number of people converting to Islam increased dramatically in the West,” Rajabi-Davani continued. “They said it was done by the Muslims and a large number of scholars came to see the basis of Muslims and to see what their holy Book says which made them such criminals. When they referred to Quran, they were fascinated by it and converted to Islam.”

“In effect, the growth rate of conversions to Islam increased following the 9/11 attacks,” he added. “So they could not take advantage of that attack. Instead they made the most of the ignorance and cruelty of Takfiris and claimed that they kill Muslims so what will they do if they catch us.” “They arm and support Takfiris on one hand and spread their atrocities around the world on the other hand to disgust those who found Islam appealing.”

Asked about the international organizations’ behavior towards terrorism, he said, “it is crystal clear that they are all false slogans that international organizations and western governments spread; War on terror, Human Rights, women’s rights, freedom, etc. I don’t think any wise person would acknowledge that they kept their word.”

He made a reference to the Supreme Leader’s letter to the western youth and added that the western arrogant powers have left no stone unturned in perpetrating crimes, terror and betrayal of mankind.

Ayatollah Khamenei’s letter to the western youth in January 2015 reads in part: “The histories of the United States and Europe are ashamed of slavery, embarrassed by the colonial period and chagrined at the oppression of people of color and non-Christians.”

Rajavi-Davani continued that the US President Barack Obama met Cuban President a few days ago for first time in more than 50 years and denounced US approach towards Cuba. “He said that his criticisms towards Cuba still remain in place, because the US defends human values while the US perpetrated almost all crimes against humanity in Vietnam,” he added. “I remember that 600 US aircrafts bombed North Vietnam. They used napalm bombs which caused burns and tried to clear jungles in order to kill those who used there as a hideout.”

“When the US came to lend a hand to Saddam in his invasion on Iran, it not only destroyed two Iranian oil platforms but it also attacked our civilian airliner in Iran’s airspace,” he continued.

The lecturer at Imam Hossein University went on to say that the US has international organizations under its thumb. “Can you say that these organizations are pro-human rights when it is the law of the jungle that five countries have the right to veto other countries’ proposals?”

“The United States announced officially that it will annihilate its adversaries anywhere in the world, which is a blatant act of terror,” he pointed out. “They are the ones who train and support ISIS and al-Qaeda. So how they can be anti-terrorism? On the other side, they provided MKO with office near the White House.”

He went on to explain the role of the MKO in IRI and said, Imam Khomeini believed in peaceful struggles to overthrow the regime and did not approbate armed struggle.

“When the Shah’s Prime Minister Hassan-Ali Mansour was assassinated, Imam Khomeini did not approve it nor the continuation of such acts, although Mansour was responsible for sending Imam Khomeni into exile.”

“When the Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorist group was created and its leaders met Imam Khomeini, he refused to authorize them to overthrow the regime by surprise attacks and assassination of regime officials,” he said. “Imam Khomeini even refused to consent to the so-called religious groups who had assassinations at the top of their agendas.”

“During the 1975 and 1976 which the Shah’s oppressions heightened, these violent groups were suppressed leading to the killing and arrest of most of their members. This showed that their acts were a path to nowhere.”

Dr. Rajabi-Davani underlined that when the peaceful Islamic Revolution achieved an incredible victory without taking up arms and with peoples’ putting their lives on the line, such groups as MKO came and felt the revolution owed them. “They wanted to take the leadership of the revolution.”

He went on to mention the MKO’s crimes during the early years of Islamic Revolution and said, in 1981 they waged a massive killing spree and perpetrated blind and planned assassinations. “During those days the streets of Iranian cities had no security. MKO members shot down whoever wore a beard or had a turban.” “They also killed shopkeepers who had picture of Imam Khomeini is his shop. Although they were finally forced to leave the country and became Saddam’s troops on the ground.”