US, Zionists wreak havoc in the region to fish in the troubled waters

A member of the Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission says fighting terrorism is not restricted to a particular region and all the countries should play an effective role in this way.

Mohammad Hasan Asafari said Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the victims of terrorism in the world and all walks of life in Iran have fell victim to the terrorist acts under the support of the United States.

“We’ve suffered the most from the terrorists and we’ve paid a high price for fighting terrorism,” he added. “But today we see that some countries who claim to be supporters of Human Rights are the ones who equip, arm and support the terrorists and remove them from their terrorist lists.”

“United States and Zionists wreak havoc in the region to fish in the troubled waters and increase their presence in the region,” MP Asafari continued.

He added that the International Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims can send a warning message to the international organizations such as Human Rights Watch to avoid giving a cold shoulder to those countries who have suffered a lot from terrorism.

Asafari finally concluded that holding this international conference plays an effective role in commemorating the martyrs of terror and sending out this message to the world that Iran is a victim of terrorism.