Congress of terror victims to blow the lid off western-backed terrorist groups

The Congress of Terror Victims will blow the lid off the western sponsored anti-Iran terrorist groups, says an Iranian political commentator.

Referring to the role of the International Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims in vindicating the IRI’s fight against terrorism, Hassan Hanizadeh said: Martyrs of terrorism are the most innocent martyrs of the Islamic Revolution.

“Given that the crimes of terrorist groups have never been disclosed to the world, the conference can play an important role in bringing the crimes of these western-backed terrorist groups to light.”

He added that regional and international cooperation in dealing with ISIS, al-Nusrah, and al-Qaeda can play a constructive role in eradicating the terrorist groups.

Hanizadeh said none of the western countries “have shown earnestness in the fight against terrorist groups.”

“According to the western countries, the terrorism phenomenon is divided into good terrorism and bad terrorism,” Hanizadeh added. “One that serves the interests of the West, specifically the United States, is the good terrorist and one that does not serve the interests of them is the bad terrorist.”

“Therefore, a regional coalition made up of Iran, Iraq and Syria can eradicate these terrorist groups,” he concluded.