State Terrorism exhibition at Martyr Motahari University

Habilian Association has opened another poster exhibition about the US state terrorism at the University of Martyr Motahari in Mashhad.

The week-long exhibition exhibited some 80 posters for the students and university professors.

Aimed to review different aspects of US state terrorism, the exhibits included topics covering a wide range of issues from a review on US government’s structure, deviated cultural characteristics of the US and the colonial goals of its founders, an introduction to some Think Tanks that influence the US foreign policy, US militarism, the wars that US politicians started with lies, the lie of 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan under the pretense of war on terror, violation of US citizens’ rights and spying on them with the excuse of National Security issues, US terrorist operations across the world and the US government’s terrorist operations against Iranian people.

The students, all female were presented with the a speech by Habilian’s expert about the topics of the exhibition.