Rouhani: Islam not religion of extremism, violence

President Rouhani criticized certain Islamic states for financing and arming terrorist groups.

He made the remarks during the 28th International Conference of Islamic Unity, saying that imperial powers are trying to cause division among Muslims in order to rule over strategic Islamic lands.

Dr. Hassan Rouhani noted that unity requires patience, knowing each other and tolerance.

He added, “Unity is materialized when we consider destruction of Aleppo, Mosul and Lebanon as destruction of Riyadh, Jordan and Pakistan.”

“A group of mercenaries is sullying the image of Islam” he added condemning the Takfiri ISIL militants for committing atrocities in Iraq and Syria in the name of Islam.

Dr. Rouhani said the militant group is defaming Islam by slitting the throats of innocent men and women. He also underlined the need for unity among Muslims and said Iran will defend every Muslim standing against violence, terrorism and occupation.

Rouhani stressed on a practical cooperation to bring about unity among all Muslims.

He called on the Islamic states to make use of all existing mechanisms to form unity; “unity cannot be realized through words alone; by chanting mottos and holding conferences unity cannot be achieved. We must begin a practical Islamic cooperation among different religious denominations,” he said.

While asserting that unity does not mean quitting one’s path, but rather ‘patience,’ ‘tolerance,’ and ‘courage,’ Dr.Rouhani stressed on removing all conflicts of interests and finding out common threats against the Islamic world.

“We must all feel responsible for one another land; we must consider a threat to one nation as a threat to our own; we must come to this conclusion that unity will be to the benefit of all of us,” he said.

President Rouhani touched upon one of the most critical issues in the region, namely the atrocious activities of terrorist groups who have tarnished the image of Islam, adding, “Islam is the harbinger of prosperity; a religion of simplicity and moderation. It is not a religion of violence and extremism.”

He also stressed that the Islamic Republic, as a major regional power in the world of Islam under the guidance of the Leader, supports any nation that resists violence and terrorism; "be it Gaza, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq or any other part of the world, Iran stands by any nation who fights to liberate its land from the occupation of usurpers."

While strongly condemning any abuse of the name of Islam and religion by a group of ‘mercenaries’ that are after plundering Muslim resources by creating discord among the Muslims, President added, “The world of hegemony and arrogance is seeking to undermine Islam and dominate Muslim lands; this calls for tremendous efforts on our part to set aside minor differences and focus on important issues. We must take action and resist the oppressors and those who have deviated from the path of righteousness.”