O’Keefe: Al-Qaeda is a creation of the United States

A former US Marine says the US alleged war on ISIS is nothing but an “excuse” to take out Bashar al-Assad and if US wants to stop the group, it should just “cut up the money supply.”

Activist Kenneth O’Keefe told Habilian Association that the solution for ending the terrorist organizations is to “get rid of the bankers who control money supplies”. “Once you get rid of that and take control of money supply, these people, Saudi Arabia, will no longer have an unending flood of money that they can give to whoever they want.”

“Take away the money supply, these people will disappear. Mercenaries don’t work for free. Mercenaries require money,” he added. “So take away the money supply. If America want to stop ISIS they just cut up the money supply. They can tell Saudi Arabia and Qatar: hey listen we’re going to take away your funding and we’ll destroy you.”

The activist went on to mention that the US alleged war on the ISIS in Iraq and Syria is nothing but an “excuse” to take out Bashar al-Assad. “They had no problem with ISIS running around Iraq, Islamists killing Shias. But I think they did go beyond their remit when they started going up to Kurdish region. Because that’s the Israelis’ region. Mossad and the Israelis are all over the Northern part of Iraq and they want that oil. That’s their oil in their opinion. So if ISIS wants to go and play around with that oil, yes they’ll kill them.” “You can run around all the rest of Iraq but not up there. Why doesn’t ISIS or al-Nusrah front or al-Qaeda once have they attacked Israel? Maybe because Israel created them. Maybe because Israel is their best friend and ally. That would be my take on it.”

People think America leads the war on terror, he added, “but they delist MEK as a terrorist organization and pretend as if you’re not dealing with your own problems.” “That shows how America don’t care about terrorism at all. So I’m sorry for that.”

Asked if this approach shows the double standard of the US, O’Keefe said, “I think it’s beyond the double standard. I mean we create these terrorists in the first place.” “Al-Qaeda is a creation of the United States. Basically, we’ve supported them, we’ve armed them, we’ve trained them, we’ve given them all the things they required to do what they do.”

“Everything they say is a lie. If they’re saying they want to fight a war on terror what they mean is they want to fight of terror and commit state sponsored terrorism,” he continued. “Not trying to fight it, they are creating it.”

“That makes sense, because they are like puppets,” O’Keefe said of the US politicians who provide support to the terrorist organizations. “They don’t work for the people, they work for the bankers who control the money supply. And the bankers like war. So the bankers will use the puppets to justify policies that support terrorists who do the policies that justify the war. And it all works together just quite nicely.