Iranian People or Iranian Resistance?

The MKO’s claims for solidarity with Iranian people or animosity with them?

The Mujahedin-e-Khalq is a title for followers of Maryam Rajavi. The term “Mujahedin” is an Arabic word meaning “freedom fighters”. The Mujahedin has been allegedly fighting against the late shah of Iran and consequently the Islamic Republic that was established after the 1979 revolution in Iran. They claim that they want to liberate the Iranian “People”; the Arabic term “Khalq” means “people”. But do the leaders of the MKO – the Rajavis – care for the Iranian people?

Maryam Rajavi’s speech in city hall of 2nd district of Paris for her paid supporters is remarkable because whenever she speaks of her cult-like organization as the “Iranian Resistance”, she uses the phrase “the Iranian people” too. She tries to convince her audience that the so-called Iranian Resistance represents the Iranian people but Is this claim true?

As she starts her speech she expresses her anger on the extension of the deadline for the nuclear talks with Iran. She suggest that the extension of talks gives “the regime yet more time to push global and regional peace and security to the edge of catastrophe.”

Maryam Rajavi who is all the time forecasting a regime change in Iran in near future, criticizes the West for not being firm on the Islamic Republic. She asks for full implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions imposing sanctions that prohibit export and import of a long list of items from Iran. The economic sanctions eventually increase the suffering of civilians and the level of poverty in Iran.

While Maryam Rajavi and her so-called Resistance call for more sanctions, the majority of Iranians hope that sanctions relief following the nuclear deal will improve their standards of living, and will bring concrete change on the ground.

The majority of the Iranian people do not aspire for escalating tension between the West and Iran. Pushing hard for more sanctions and beating on war drums to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, are far from aiding the Iranian people’s desire for a better life.

Maryam Rajavi claims that a policy of firmness and resolve against the IRI must include the recognition of “the Iranian people’s resistance” for regime change. She claims the Iranian people as the possessors of “the resistance” while the majority of Iranian public may have no idea of who the Mujahedin are!

Moreover, she salutes all the Iranian women who are according to her, “Waging resistance against the Mullah’s barbarity.” I, in my turn, would like to salute all women in the MKO camps who are enduring a modern slavery under the Rajavis.

Not only Rajavi abuses the controversial acid attacks against a few Iranian women to show off her own deceptive opportunist slogans, but also she manipulates her audience minds by misusing Iranian people’s gathering to mourn the death of a popular singer Morteza Pashaei. Fans of Pashaei who were holding candles and singing his songs in the streets of Iranian cities did not know that their love for their deceased favorite singer is used by the MKO leader as the support of the “Iranian People” for the “Iranian Resistance”!

Claiming solidarity with Iranian people shows the hypocrite nature of this cult like organization. The purpose in using the term “people” is to save the organization from collapse after the relocation process from camp liberty to European countries has been on the rise during the past weeks.