US “War on Terror” increased terrorism dramatically

A London-based institute reported that since 2000 the number of deaths due to terrorist activities has increased fivefold.

The Global Terrorism Index, produced by Institute for Economics and Peace reported that since 2000, the Taliban has been responsible for the most deaths, 8763, from terror attacks, followed by Al-Qaeda with 8585. The ISIS and Boko Haram both became more active in 2009, which was the first year that either group killed over 300 people.

“Since 2000”, It rings a bell. In 2001, United States launched its War on Terror with the objective of “eliminating international terrorism”. But a quick review of the findings of this Global Terrorism Index along with other researches such as the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) GTD shows that terrorism has increased since the US started its “War on Terror”.

The report also founded that almost 18,000 people were killed in terrorist attacks in 2013, a 61 percent increase from the 2012. Four terrorist groups, ISIS, al-Qaeda, Taliban and Boko Haram were responsible for two thirds of all such deaths around the globe.

However, despite the US spending tens of billions of dollars on counterterrorism operations, figures produced by the Rand Corporation shows that only seven percent of terrorist groups have been quelled due to military action.

The US still continues its so-called war against terrorists and financing the “good” ones, but it has to admit that its War on Terror has failed absolutely.