Zionists using Takfiris to destabilize Islamic countries

Zionists are using the Takfiris to destabilize Islamic countries including Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya, said a Middle East expert.

"The enemies of Islam - chiefly the Zionists and their New World Order movement - are covertly supporting the Takfiris, who sow chaos wherever they go," Dr. Kevin Barrett, former lecturer with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said in an interview with Habilian Association.

"ISIS is an ultra-Takfiri spin-off of al-Qaeda, which is itself a heavily infiltrated movement that has been used by the Zionists to mobilize the West against Islam. ISIS has no real support in the world Muslim community. But it is covertly armed, trained, and given intelligence by elements of the US, Saudi and Israeli "deep states."

He added that the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are the main covert supporters of ISIS. "Officially and publicly, all three governments consider ISIS to be an extremist, terrorist enemy. But unofficially these countries are organizing and controlling ISIS."

Asked why the the West did not deal with Takfiri groups in Syria, Barrett said, "The West finds these Takfiri groups useful." "The name "Takfiri" comes from their pronouncing "takfir" (excommunication) on Muslims they disagree with. So the Takfiri groups are perfect for stirring up trouble in Islamic countries and getting Muslims to fight among themselves rather than unite to expel the Zionists and imperialists."

"And because they are so viciously anti-Shia, the Takfiris enflame sectarian tensions wherever they go, which helps the West split the Muslims in order to dominate and exploit them."

Regarding to ISIS's appeal to a small segment of the European Muslims, Barrett included that "first, many Muslims are very angry about the Global War on Islam. So when ISIS is presented as "too extreme for al-Qaeda" this appeals to people's anger; these angry people want to join the most extreme movement they can find." "So when ISIS actually succeeds in capturing territory (with the help of intelligence and training from the CIA) naive Muslims may imagine that 'finally we are having some success'."

"The fact that ISIS fighters are well-paid probably also helps."

"Then there is the sectarian element," he added. "Saudi Arabia (probably backed by Zionists and Americans) has been pushing virulent anti-Shia propaganda as part of its cold war with Iran. Some Muslims have been affected by the anti-Shia propaganda, which makes them look favorably on ISIS."

"And finally, ISIS has been the beneficiary of a sophisticated mind-control program that uses social media to manipulate people. It is likely that millions of dollars have been spent manufacturing support for ISIS on social media platforms. Naive, gullible, poorly-informed angry young Muslims are the "target market" that the mind-controllers are appealing to."

He finally continued that the Takfiris, like the Kharajites before them, have essentially split away from Islam. "By claiming that they have the one and only true Islam, and all other Muslims are unbelievers, they are ironically placing themselves outside of Islam, which has always accepted everyone who takes shahadah as a Muslim."

"Like the Kharajites, the Takfiris will be increasingly marginalized," he concluded.