'MKO in cahoots with US, Israeli intelligence services'

Mujahedin-e Khalq sees Iraq's political system as part of the resistance and an anti-Zionist base, so they are trying to overthrow it, an Iraqi security analyst said.

Jassim al-Mousavi made the remarks in an interview with Habilian's correspondent, adding that the MKO tries to wage a sectarian war in Iraq in collaboration with ISIS.

Al-Mousavi described the MKO members as part of the bloody clash in Iraq that is directed by the remnants of the former Iraqi Ba'ath regime.

The security analyst noted the cooperation between MKO and Takfiri terrorists of ISIS and their collaboration with the US intelligence service.

He emphasized on the Iraqi people's will to expel the MKO members from their country, saying, "the MKO is more concerned about remaining in Iraq and helping the terrorism than it thinks about gaining refugee status." "Thus, they are a threat for national and social security of Iraq."

"It is not so inconceivable that a group which is allied with Satan joins such groups as ISIS which are born of the very Satan," al-Mousavi said referring to the reports of the collaboration between MKO and ISIS.

Finally, he added that the reason behind the delay happened during the expulsion of MKO members from Iraq is the group's alliance with US and Israeli intelligence services.