ISIS, MKO serve interests of Zionists

An Iraqi political analyst and head of Iraq's Center for Strategic Studies says the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Mujahedin-e Khalq (MKO, a.k.a. MEK) terrorist groups serve the interests of Zionists in the region.

Mohammad Sadeq al-Hashemi told Habilian that the Mujahedin-e Khalq and ISIS are poles apart in ideology. "MKO is a secular group which pays no attention to the Islamic injunctions. They are mercenaries against the Islamic Republic of Iran and forming an Islamic State."

"MKO intends to create a western, American, and Zionist regime, while ISIS claims it wants to revitalize the Islam of 'pious predecessors' of the early Muslim community.' However, they have a lot in common in regards to political issues."

"These issues reveal the fact that there is a plot going on to split and disintegrate the region using all related groups," he added. "As I mentioned earlier their primary goal is to divide the region and strike a blow to the Shiite and resistance currents. Thus, these terrorist groups serve the great interest of the Zionists."

Head of Iraq's Center for Strategic Studies went on to add that the MKO knows well that their presence on the Iraqi soil is in violation of international and Iraqi laws and regulations. The Iraqi community especially Shiites never forget the horrendous crimes of MKO and their killing of innocent civilians at the time of Saddam. Being aware of the Iraqi government and people's opposition to the presence of its members in Iraq, MKO resorted to collaborating with every anti-Shiite group even with divergent ideologies.

Asked about the recent condemnation of MKO by the French Foreign Ministry spokesman while the group holds rallies in France, al-Hashemi said, "there is a big contradiction in the way western governments and decision-making circles treat the MKO." For instance, the United States used the intelligence gathered by MKO and coordinated many of its related jobs with them and used them for intelligence-gathering against Iran at the same time it kept the group on its list of terrorist organizations.

"The same contradiction exists in France, which shows that the MKO is in relation with the powerful and effective pro-Israel lobbies in Europe. That is why we see the group employs organizations and institutions which have differing views to the official one," he added.