Martyr Mohammad Sheikh-Babaei

Name: Mohammad Sheikh-Babaei

Date of Birth: October 09, 1962

Place of Birth: Kaboodarahang

Date of Martyrdom: July 27, 1988

Place of Martyrdom: Kermanshah, Mersad Operation

Martyr Mohammad Sheikh-Babaei was born in October 09, 1962 in Kaboodarahang. He was deputy commander of 157th battalion of Ansaralhossein in Mersad Operation where he was martyred by terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, a.k.a. MEK and NCRI) forces. A part of his testament reads:

“My dear parents! I have selected my path knowingly. This is the path in which the lord of all martyrs Imam Hussein (P.B.U.H) has been martyred. In this path, we should do everything possible to strengthen the Islamic Republic and even if I am martyred, my wish will be granted and the kind of death I have been waiting for will reach me. My dear friends! Today is the day that God Almighty will test us Muslim people. Let us take each other's hands and take this opportunity. O Muslim people of Iran! Take care of your great Imam [Khomeini] and don't leave him alone as long as there is any blood left in your veins. I am going to serve Islam as God Almighty has wanted me to, while I am fully aware of the end of this path. I hope I can satisfy my creator and serve the great Islamic Revolution under Imam Khomeini's leadership by sacrificing my life. My devoted mother! Despite all you have done for me and I owe you for all of them, I can't stay with you forever and ignore the call of Imam Khomeini, the lord of all martyrs of his time, who is saying "is there anyone who can help me?" and the glory of martyrdom which is the greatest glory.

O dear Muslim brothers and sisters! God almighty has granted us the blessing of Islamic Revolution's victory and it was proved for the first time that Islam is able to move a whole nation and create a wave which destroys the basis of tyranny of eastern and western colonizers. You are responsible. You are responsible of delivering message of martyrs to the community. You are Islam's messengers and thus your responsibility is greater than ours. Your actions are so glorious and if you keep on moving on this path, a great reward is awaiting you. I hope the Islam forces overcome heresy forces. But as Imam [Khomeini] has said, we have to be patient and we are confident about victory of Islam over heresy.

Dear friends! I hope you will forgive me and keep fighting enemies of Islam and Quran and Imam Khomeini. Be careful and don't let them annoy this helper of Quran and the leader of all poor people of the world. I honor the memory of Islam's martyrs including martyr Beheshti, martyr Rajaei, martyr Bahonar, and all the brothers who have been martyred fighting against enemies in frontlines, as I am writing my will. The human who comes to know God, falls in love with him and the one who falls in love will remove all filth of himself. The one who knows himself, thinks of doing good as his responsibility and God doesn't owe me or any of you anything. This is our duty and we are all responsible to fight in the path of Allah and anyone who doesn’t is an offender and will be punished. You must follow our great Imam [Khomeini] and do as he orders. Listen to him carefully so that you become blessed. War is war and our glory, pride, religion and country are all depended on our deeds. We have to be prepared to surrender our lives to God Almighty any moment he wants and if I deserve to be a martyr, it would be a great honor for me; an honor that not everybody can achieve."