Rajavi's Nowruz Message, reproduction of a fantasy

As the Iranian New Year begins, the leader of the Mujahedin Khalq cult of personality every year holds her luxurious ceremony of delivering message to her so-called Resistance but for over three decades the Nowruz speeches of the cult leaders have included one unique message: "The new year is the year of the overthrow of the Iranian government"!

However, Maryam Rajavi's this year Nowruz message has one new point: "the regime is in the final stage of being overthrown."(!) When did the Islamic Republic pass the primary stages of being overthrown that this year is the "final stage"?

Rajavi bases her allegations on what she calls "Bakhtiari uprising" (the recent democratic protest by Bakhtiari tribe against a TV serial that was ended with the apology by Iranian TV officials ) and the Iranian traditional and historical custom, Fire Festival which is held on the eve of last Wednesday of the year, literally the eve of 'Red Wednesday' . Bonfires are lit in public places with the help of fire and light, it is hoped for enlightenment and happiness throughout the coming year.

Every Year, the propaganda websites of the MKO misuses the photos of fireworks and bonfires in the streets and alleys of Iranian cities where people are celebrating their national ancient tradition, labeling that as "uprising"!

As an annual convention, Rajavi's New Year speech promises the absolute collapse of the Iranian government due to "the existence of a democratic alternative and organized movement". She claimed that the past year was a "momentum and achievement" for her cult. What does she consider achievement? The shutdown of the 26-year old base of the MKO in Iraq, Camp Ashraf? The gradual removal of the group from Iraqi territory? Or the collapse of the Group's hegemony by moving members to Albania, Germany and Italy? Or the mass defection of 76 individuals after resettlement in Albania and their actions to reveal the internal relations in the cult of Rajavi?

The latest revelations on the true substance of the MKO cult was published in open letters written by former members to UN representatives. Mehdi nikbakht is a survivor of the MKO who wrote of "his first hand experience of the cultish relationships" inside the MEK to the UN special Rapporteur on Counter Terrorism and Human Rights, Ben Emmerson.

Nikbakht denounces the reality of the MKO cult-like violent attitude despite the group's hard efforts "to portray a democratic, freedom loving, pro-human rights and pro-women’s rights face in the west". The followings are his revelations about inside the MKO:

"Inside the MEK cult no one has the right to have a spouse or family and even thinking about it is a severely punished crime. Members are regularly forced to write and announce their most intimate thoughts in front of large audiences and the audience is to shout and swear at the person.

"Inside the MEK no one has the right to contact their families in any shape or form. Even mothers and fathers who come to Iraq from Iran with all the risks and hardships are not given permission (by MEK leaders) to meet their children. Some of these people have not seen their families for over 25 years.

"Inside the MEK harsh forced labour, together with a regime of inquisition, has taken away the critical minds of the members. They can no longer think properly and normally. Their every day life is confined to a restricted, forced, mental and physical circle. They no longer decide for themselves about anything. It is the leaders who decide for them."

Maryam Rajvi's fantasy for regime change in Iran would never be fulfilled because she can never silence the voice of critics and former members of the cult as well as the voice of the hatred of the Iranian nation. She can repeat her Nowruz message of "overthrow" year after year to calm her inside anger but no one outside the bars of her cult, would be deceived by her illusions.

Mazda Parsi