MKO threatens group protesting their presence in France

A French group which warns against violent cults recently faced the dangers of the Mujaheedin-e Khalq Organization, an anti-Iranian terrorist group whose leadership is based just outside of Paris.

Association PEACE bravely held a demonstration in the MKO’s hometown, and was quickly confronted by the routine violence of their members.

Henver Dos Santos, a member of Association PEACE, explains the MKO attack on protesters:" Member of the MKO came to us, tried to beat us, tried to take our logo, tried to do a lot of things that insult us."


Another member of Association PEACE, Francoise Philippe, explains further:" They even followed us up to our home. So for 45 minutes they were insulting us, threatening us and taking our picture. Finally they raved police to intervene to stop them."


Association PEACE studies cults and warns people to prevent further indoctrinations and more ruined lives. Considering that the MKO is composed of Iranian citizens who fought alongside Iraq in the Iran-Iraq War, many are painfully aware of their violent history. But Association PEACE says many French people are kept in the dark.

Henver Dos Santos:" We met a lot of people trying to know why there was a lot of people of the MKO in the city, why there was a bunker, why they were so special for the city. And I think they don't tell the truth, they don't tell the truth to the people."

Despite the mass graves recently uncovered at the MKO’s Camp Ashraf in Iraq, their massacre of Iraqi Kurds for Saddam Hussein and the assassination of Iranian citizens and leaders, the MKO still has friends in high places. Those friends do not include any Iranian citizens, but they do include France’s political elite.