Int'l agreement reached to relocate MKO members to Romania, report says

Iraq reached an agreement with the United Nations and the European Union to expel Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK, a.k.a. MKO) members from Iraq as soon as possible.

According to Habilian Association, the agreement came after some three years of painstaking efforts of the UN and Iraq to relocate MKO members outside Iraq.

Speaking to a Patriotic Union of Kurdistan-affiliated news agency, Foud al-Duraki, member of the State of Law Coalition in Iraqi parliament, said, “the third country had been agreed on by Iraq, UN and EU which shall be Romania.”

“The Iraqi Government do not want MEK members to stay in Iraq, as they participated in oppression of 1991 revolution in Iraq with the former regime,” al-Duraki added.

Earlier in January 2014, Voice of Russia wrote that when the US State Secretary John Kerry met with his Romanian counterpart Titus Corlaţean in Brussels in December, they took up the issue of moving the Mujahedin in question to Romania.

Earlier in March 2013, Albanian Prime Minister made the decision to offer asylum to 210 members of the terrorist MKO held in Iraq after a meeting with US Department of State Assistant Secretary, UN envoy in Iraq, and other officials.

Although MKO soon turned down the offer and demanded instead for the resettlement in the United States or relocation back to Camp Ashraf, after some two months, the first batch of MKO members followed by the second and the third groups were moved to Albania.