Martyr Hossein Yahya

Name: Hossein Yahya

Date of Birth: January 14, 1966

Place of Birth: Damghan

Marital Status: Married

Place of Martyrdom: Mersad operation

Hossein Yahya was born on 1966, in Damghan city. As he was repeatedly dispatched to the war zones voluntarily, he couldn’t continue his studies despite he had enrolled in a technical high school.

After he was dispatched to the battlefields as a Basiji for many times, he was finally recruited by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards.

He married in summer 1984. Hossein was very much interested in Imam Khomeini and Ahlulbait (P.B.U.T).

He participated in many operations during his 34-month presence in the warzone. His presence was prominent in Kheibar, Badr, Valfajr8, Karbal4, Karbala5, Beitulmoghaddas and Mersad operations.

Hossein was injured in Majnoon Island Operation when he was the deputy commander.

“A few days before the Mersad Operation, we had returned Damghan to recruit some forces. We arrived in the middle of the night and since it was too late, we stayed at the mosque and didn’t go to our homes. The mosque was filled with photos of martyrs. I saw Hossein starring at those pictures. He then sighed and said, “the war is over and we are still here,” said Hossein Falahatinejad, a comrade of martyr Yahya.

Martyr Yahya’s wife says: “His last farewell was very warm. He said: “you will not see me again.” I couldn’t say a word. He said: “This time, I will be martyred.” I cried. He said: “When you see my body, don’t cry. I don’t want the enemy become happy when I’m gone.” He then smiled and left.”

Finally Hossein Yahya was martyred in Mersad Operation and his body was laid to rest in his hometown, Damghan.