Martyr Morteza Ezzati

Name: Morteza Ezzati

Date of Birth: August 10, 1959

Place of Birth: Zanjan

Date of Martyrdom: August 6, 1981

Place of Martyrdom: Zanjan

Martyr Morteza Ezzati was born on August 10, 1959 in a religious family in Zanjan. Under the influence of his family, Morteza Ezzati was acquainted with the good and the evil of his society.

Martyr Ezzati finished his preliminary studies in Zanjan and after he graduated from high school, Morteza chose to become a teacher. He was an active curious man who was not used to just following the path of the people around him. He was a thoughtful man and asked questions about everything and at the same time, Morteza was a very good-tempered and kind-hearted man who used to seek the truth. After a two year long training course, he graduated as a teacher and got married after his graduation. He was then prepared to go to the military service at the eve of the victory of the Islamic Revolution. It was a good chance for him to blossom his religious ideals that were taught to him by his father from his childhood.

He was a very wise soldier who started his political revolutionary activities secretly at the garrison. As Imam Khomeini ordered soldiers to flee the garrisons, he left his service and joined the Muslim revolutionaries. He used to arrange street protests and participated in them so he was chased by Savak, Shah's brutal secret force, several times.

After the fall of the Shah, martyr Ezati joined the Islamic Revolution Committee in Zanjan and played an important role in chasing and arresting anti-revolutionary forces who were trying to harm the newly established Revolution. After a short while, he was appointed as one of the high ranking authorities of the Islamic Revolution Committee in his city. As the Islamic Revolutionary Guards was established, the Committees were dissolved and martyr Morteza Ezati went back to his main job, teaching. At that time, he was acquainted with the poverty that the villagers were suffering from, the poverty they had inherited from the Shah regime. He used to serve them sincerely and that is why he had become so much popular in the village. At the same time, martyr Ezati joined the railway Basij and enthusiastically served the Islamic Revolution.

He joined Basij when Banisadr and the terrorist Mujahedin e-Khalq organization had started their conspiracies and the country was facing many troubles including the Iraqi imposed war.

It did not take long before the rise of Basij was turned into a nightmare for antirevolutionary forces. After the MKO announced an armed conflict against the Islamic Revolution, many street struggles took place all over the country including Zanjan. Zanjan’s Basij was among the revolutionary forces that stood against terrorist MKO members and captured their team houses. Martyr Ezati was one of the brave forces who had a key role in opposing the terrorists. He used his own car during the conflicts and served the Islamic Revolution without any expectations. His sincere efforts highlighted him among friends and foes and this fact had made him unbearable for the enemies. After he was threatened to be assassinated by terrorist MKO for a couple of times, he was finally martyred on August 6, 1981, by two MKO agents.