Basirat exhibition at Guilan University

Guilan University hosted a 7-day long exhibition organized by Habilian Association on the occasion of Student’s day.

A review on MKO history, MKO’s role in Iraqi imposed war on Iran, MKO’s inner cultic relations, MKO’s crimes against Iraqi people, An introduction to the eclectic thoughts of MKO's founders, MKO's financial resources and its recruitment techniques, introduction of terror victims, MKO's treason during the 8 year long Iraqi imposed war on Iran and the terrorist group's role in 2008 post presidential election riots in Iran, were among the exhibition topics.

Many students visited the exhibition and became familiar with some unknown aspects of the terrorist MKO group.

In the sideline to the exhibition, some documents revealing the interaction between the MKO and Saddam’s Ba’ath regime were presented to the viewers.

At the end, some Habilian products including Rahnama monthly were provided to the visitors.