‘ISIL using MKO’s armored vehicles’

An Iraqi political analyst says the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant terrorists are using the MKO’s former armored vehicles which are capable of carrying missiles.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Sharifi told Habilian's correspondent in Baghdad that the armored vehicles of the ISIL or DAESH are the same vehicles used by the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization, concluding that they share one purpose.

ISIL is an al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group which claimed responsibility for the assassination of the Iranian technicians and workers who were working on the construction of the gas pipeline in Diyala province.

Al-Sharifi went on to describe the terrorist MKO group as the West’s pressure leverage against Iran.

Referring to some politicians’ support for the terrorist MKO group, al-Sharifi said supporters of the group are trying to portray the presence of these individuals in Iraq as a humanitarian issue.

He added that these supports are a quid pro que as the MKO provide their possibly mutual interests in return.

The analyst said Iraqis “are still putting pressure” on the MKO, and they are determined to expel the group out of Iraq.

MKO has occupied part of Iraq’s soil for nearly three decades, after it was deported from France in 1986. It enjoyed the support of the former Iraqi dictator and made a common cause with him during the Iraqi imposed war on Iran.