Martyr Seyed Asgari Zargari

Name: Seyed Asgari Zargari

Date of Birth: 1964

Place of Birth: Semnan

Place of Martyrdom: Islamabad-e Gharb, Mersad operation

Date of Martyrdom: July 29, 1988

Seyed Asgari Zargari was born in Semnan on 1964. He finished his preliminary studies at his hometown and at the same time used to help his father in his laundry shop.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he enthusiastically formed a singing group to attract the youth to the mosque. He performed about 300 songs in various ceremonies. He had also many performances in Qom's Friday Prayers. He was also interested in designing, writing and handicrafts.

His brother says he had designed a device which he had named “the electronic shop.” He had planned the device to receive an amount of money and deliver an equivalent amount of stuff.

He served at the Revolutionary Guards for 6 months from February to July 1982 as a ranger in Sardasht region of Kurdistan province. He used to buy some books and donated them to children. He also arranged other preparations needed for his singing group to keep going. His team won the first title in his province. He then served for 6 months as a sniper. Two years later, he participated in a 13 day long training course with the same task. He was injured in Ramazan Operation in southern regions by a bullet ripped through his right leg. He was injured again in Valfajr Operation and this time he was treated in Pasteur Hospital of Tehran.

He was finally martyred by Mujahedin-e Khalq organization on July 29, 1988 in Mersad operation and laid to rest in Semnan, his hometown.

A part of martyr Zargari's testament reads: “Oh my Muslim sisters and brothers, the purpose of our war is to promote God's religion and establish the Islamic government. We are prepared to fight in order to fulfill our duty and earn God's satisfaction under the order of Welayat-e Faqih. We hope you dears will also pass this divine assessment successfully and be patient in confronting the problems of war and Allah loves the patient."