Iran’s FM: Israel cannot kill all our scientists

Referring to the assassination of Iran’s nuclear scientists, Iranian Foreign Minister said Iran has a “large pool of scientists” and that Israel cannot kill of them.

According to a Tuesday report by Habilian Association, speaking to ABC’s “This Week” program, Dr. Javad Zarif said Israel has assassinated some of Iranian scientists and “nobody has raised an eyebrow about it”.

It is “a source of concern for us”, Zarif added, that “the United States which is supposed to be against terrorism is allowing terrorists to kill innocent Iranian scientists”.

“We do not want nuclear weapons. We believe nuclear weapons are detrimental to our security,” Zarif added. “We believe those who have the illusion that nuclear weapons provide them with security are badly mistaken. We need to have a region and a world free from nuclear weapons.”

He went on to say that Israel has 200 nuclear warheads, and that it is the source of insecurity in the region and the source of aggression and violation of human rights of the Palestinian people.

Asked about Iran’s incentive behind enriching Uranium, Iran’s Foreign Minister said “Because that is our right,” adding “we own 10 percent of the European company that produces enriched Uranium called Eurodif.”

“We have not been able to get the Uranium that we need for the Tehran research reactor, which was accidentally built, not accidentally in fact intentionally built by President Eisenhower.”

“But not only the United States is not providing the fuel for that research reactor that it itself built in Iran in the 1950s, it is preventing others from providing us with fuel. So what should we do? Should we lie down and die. No, we don’t do that. We go and rely on our scientists, rely on our own capabilities, and we produce them. They were hoping that we couldn’t produce them.”