'MKO tries to keep its brainwashed members in the group'

An independent researcher and political analyst has said the Mujahedin-e Khalq organization (MKO, a.k.a. MEK and PMOI) has turned down the Albania’s asylum offer to keep its strength in numbers and hold over rank and files.

“It is not only the US that is plagued by lobbies. Many high ranking politicians and MPs are under the influence of the pro-Israel lobby who currently support the MEK - and have been doing for many years,” Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich said during an interview with Habilian Association regarding the MKO ringleader’s presence in European countries’ Parliaments.

Earlier last week, MKO claimed its ringleader has had a meeting with 210 MEPs and they somehow spoke in favor of the group.

Earlier in December 2012, Rajavi appeared in France’s National Assembly and called on the French government to recognize the MKO as representative of Iranian people.

Sepahpour, the Public Diplomacy Scholar said the MKO cult has the support of high ranking politicians in the United States, as they do in Europe.

“The authorities are fully aware of what and who these people are,” she added. “But they serve a purpose - to intimidate the government in Iran and to use them -- as they do with other terrorists, not only to create mayhem in Iran – but to carry out false flag operations and be recognized as ‘Iranians’ while shifting the blame to the IRI.”

The political commentator pointed out that there is little will to counter MKO members except by individuals who don't necessarily have the funds and some who lack the courage to speak out, adding that she has tried to speak about the terrorist group in a couple of her interviews and op-ed pieces.

Concerning the Albania’s resettlement offer to over 200 members of the MKO, Sepahpour mentioned that this country “is in America's pocket.” “It has received millions upon millions to ‘remake’ itself and to help its economy for over a decade.”

“There is a world of information on US aid to Albania.” “And without a doubt, this 'aid' brings with it obligations towards the US - one of which may well have been a demand made on Albania by the US to take in the MEK.”

Finally, she opined on the MKO’s turning down of the offer, and said in order to keep its power and strength, MKO makes every effort to keep its brainwashed and manipulated members in the group, so that they not only keep an eye on each other, but feed each other’s frenzy, and as a unit (group, cult) their obedience to Rajavi remain unquestionable and indisputable.

There are many more factors in the cult behavior which may answer why they turned down Albania’s offer. My guess is, someone high up the ladder told them to decline, and it was not the decision of the individual 200+ members.  They want to keep their strength in numbers, and their hold over the members.