'US, Israel use MKO to conduct terror operations'

An analyst says the de-listed terrorist group the MKO is now free from Camp liberty in Iraq to roam the world gathering funds and to be utilized by the US and Israel.

In the background of this Albania has said it is ready to take in some 200 members of the MKO or MEK (Mojahedin-e-Khalq) organization currently residing in US Camp Liberty in Iraq after the Iraqi government requested strongly that the US find another place for them. Albania claims it has accepted the MKO group on ‘humanitarian’ reasons. For years the MKO has been listed as a terrorist group that targets Iran most notably and has been credited with killing some 17,000 Iranians and countless Iraqis. But in 2012 there was a strong push by Western NATO countries to have them de-listed as terrorists even though they have launched terrorist attacks and have killed American officials as well. And so they were de-listed in late 2012 by the Obama administration after this orchestrated campaign.

Press TV has interviewed Mark Glenn, Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement Idaho about this issue. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: A terrorist group that even attempted attacks on several American officials and civilians gets de-listed. First of all, why have them de-listed?

Glenn: Let’s be clear about this, they didn’t just attempt to take the lives of several Americans, they actually succeeded in killing several Americans.

To get them de-listed this was a quazi-political and strategic move I believe because I believe it’s the intention of not just the United States government but also of Israel to utilize these very well-trained terrorists to carry out operations around the world.

This is a very difficult thing obviously to accomplish if they’re just sitting there locked up in Iraq in Camp Liberty and in other places.

How much better to de-list them so they can go about raising money around the world, which they are now doing, legally, and at the same time receiving very technically advanced military training so that they can carry out terrorist attacks in Iran or wherever Israel and the United States deem that they should be doing that.

Press TV: Of course, now they get a new home in the Balkans in a NATO member country. Albania has said this was on humanitarian reasons, this move. Was that the case or is it a case that some say is more sinister?

Glenn: I think that it’s more sinister because we have to remember of course that Albania particularly Kosovo is home to the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) and they are a particularly murderous group of drug runners and terrorists who would have been utilized for operations around the world.

I think this omens very badly the fact that of all the places that they could be going that they’re going to be going Albania where they may be rubbing shoulders with former members of the KLA.

The kinds of training the KLA receive from NATO and from the United States has been particularly lethal in all sorts of operations - not just terrorism, but drug running as well.

I can perceive the day coming when this is going to come back and bite us in a very serious way. So I tend to agree with you there is something much more sinister here that has nothing to do with humanitarian concerns. There is something big a foot and I think it’s going to end up in a very nasty way.