Head of Diyala Provincial Council: MKO executed dissidents

Head of Diyala Provincial Council said the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, a.k.a. MEK and PMOI) executed a number of dissident members and buried them in a mass grave in Camp Ashraf.

According to a Sunday report by Habilian Association, Talib Muhammad Hasan was quoted by the Kurdish Nawxo News Agency as saying that following the release of a news piece revealing the existence of a mass grave in Camp Ashraf, they informed the officials of the Diyala Provincial Council.

Earlier in January 3, Sadeq al-Husseini, the deputy chairman of Diyala Provincial Council, said several mass graves had been unearthed in Camp Ashraf.

He said that the bodies were being examined in medical laboratories in Arbil Province, adding that human rights violations in the camp did not seem improbable.

“A post-mortem examination of the bodies by relevant agencies revealed that some of them had died of natural causes, and some others had been executed by MKO, probably because of their opposition or critical standpoint.” Talib Muhammad Hasan concluded.

According to a 28-page report titled “No Exit: Human Rights Abuses Inside the MKO Camps,” Human Rights Watch described MKO camps in Iraq and the severe human rights violations committed by the group against its members.

The report says dissident members and those rank and files wishing to leave the organization were subject to “lengthy solitary confinements, severe beatings, and torture.”

“The witnesses reported two cases of deaths under interrogation. Three dissident members—Abbas Sadeghinejad, Ali Ghashghavi, and Alireza Mir Asgari—witnessed the death of a fellow dissident, Parviz Ahmadi, inside their prison cell in Camp Ashraf.”