Defected members to testify MKO's involvement in massacre of Kurds

The defected members of the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO also known as the MEK, PMOI and NCR) voiced their preparedness to go to the Swedish parliament to give a testimony about MKO's key role in the massacre of Iraqi Kurds during the rule of executed dictator Saddam Hussein.

"In order to shed light on (Massoud) Rajavi's involvement in the killings of the Kurds in Iraq during Saddam's era, we are ready and willing to provide you (the Swedish parliament) with witness accounts and documents in this cause," the Iranian Pen Association said in an open letter to the Swedish Parliament Speaker, Per Westerberg.

The full text of the letter is as follows:


In a brave and humanitarian move, the Swedish Parliament passed a resolution on 5 December, 2012 acknowledging the massacre of Kurdish people. We as members of the Iran Pen Association salute this decision by the Swedish Parliamentarians and ask you to set up further investigations and research into the disastrous killings of Kurds, so that more people around the world would learn and realize how badly the Kurds have suffered under tyranny and therefore; similar atrocities against them in future could be prevented.

Among the ruling regimes in the Region which have suppressed the Kurdish people, Iraq's ousted dictator Saddam Hussein had committed the most savage crimes. Especially, by the chemical bombardment of the town of Halabche and later by attacking the Kurds with heavy weapons and artillery, tanks and missiles when they rose up against Saddam's despotic rule at the end of the Kuwait War. In fact, it was in this very brutal war against the Kurds that Saddam Hussein used the Iranian group of PMOI/MEK armed forces to savagely suppress the Kurds' uprising and widespread massacres followed.

We, the writers of this letter, are from Iran Pen Association in Europe that consists of defectors from this Iranian group PMOI/MEK led by Massoud Rajavi. Our activities include Human Rights promotion and helping Iranian refugees. The majority of us have each spent more than twenty years inside Rajavi's cult in Iraq and each one of us is a living witness and has abundant experience and knowledge of the PMOI/MEK leadership (Massoud and Maryam Rajavi), its cult nature, terrorist activities and its rule of terror, deceit and humiliation inside the Organization and also its grave involvement in massacre of Iraqi Kurds.

After the brutal suppression of the Kurds, Massoud Rajavi told his followers in a meeting in Iraq that Saddam's deputy, Ezat Ibrahim, had personally hailed and thanked him for the killing of the Kurds and putting down their uprising. Furthermore, in video tapes discovered of meetings between Massoud Rajavi and General Haboush (the chief of Saddam's secret Intelligence Service), Haboush thanked Rajavi for suppressing the Kurds and told Rajavi that he was then considered as a member of Saddam's Baath Party leadership. In those days of waging war against the Iraqi Kurds, Maryam Rajavi ordered the PMOI/MEK armed forces to "run over the Kurds by tanks".

The truth and reality is that due to the religious-cult nature of the PMOI/MEK, the extent and depth of its crimes in and outside the Cult, including its involvement in bloody massacre of Kurds; has still mainly remained uncovered and untold. Therefore; in order to shed light on Rajavi's involvement in killings of the Kurds in Iraq during Saddam's era, we are ready and willing to provide you with witnesses and documentation for this cause.

With best wishes for Christmas and a New Year of Peace and Freedom.


Yours sincerely,

Iran Pen Association