‘MKO reached the end of its rope’

An Iranian political analyst says the Mujahedin-e Khalq’s presence in the parliaments of the European countries is not a new phenomenon, and the group’s purpose behind them is “injecting hope of survival” into its followers and supporters.

“The MKO has reached the end of its rope, and its members know well they have no opportunity neither in Iran nor in foreign countries with their outdated group,” said Dr. Mohammad Sadeq Koushki in an interview with Habilian Association, a human rights NGO formed of the families of 17000 Iranian terror victims.

His remarks came as the ringleader of the terrorist MKO group, Maryam Rajavi, embarked on a tour to deliver speeches at the Parliaments in European countries.

“The US delisting of the grouplet from its roster of terrorist organizations could be since some of its members can be useful in the future,” he added.

The faculty member of the Tehran University added that the MKO’s prowling around inside the corridors of the European countries' parliaments dates back to over 20 years ago, adding “these vagabondages were merely done to inject hope of survival into their followers.”

Koushki underscored that the terrorist MKO group “has long been expired.”

“Although some of its members have managed to take refuge in European countries and defame against the Islamic Republic of Iran, they must accept that there is no hope for them in the future.”