‘West will probably use MKO in upcoming election in Iran’

Chairman of the board of trustees of Iraq media network believes some countries will probably utilize the Mujahedin-e Khalq group in the upcoming presidential election in Iran, just like what they did in 2009.

“Some 1000 kilometers of shared borders between the two countries as well as deep rooted religious and historical ties are very important in the relations between the two sides,” Dr. Hassan Salman said in a meeting with Habilian Association Secretary-General.

Referring to the close ties between Iran and Iraq, he added that no group can affect the social relations between the two countries.

This group was supported by Iran’s enemies such as France and England after the Islamic Revolution,” Hasan Salman said, adding, “and a significant number of this group’s members in Iraq hold citizenship of the two countries.

“Saddam Hussein, without a shadow of a doubt, got the green light to support them militarily to keep Iran busy during the Iraqi-imposed war on Iran.”

Chairman of the board of trustees of the Iraq media network went on to accuse the United Nations of backing MKO, saying “the UN’s activities were at the behest of the US and for supporting the MKO.”

Salman underestimated the US delisting of MKO from its blacklist and said, “United States and some western countries decided to took this group off their terrorist lists, but we say this group is a terrorist group even if the US, France, and west think otherwise.”

“We do have problems with this group; hence they must be expelled from Iraq.” “If the Western countries believe these are not terrorists, take them in their lands, especially because most of them hold western citizenship.”

“The western countries will probably use MKO in both security and political aspects in the upcoming presidential election in Iran, just like the last election,” underscored the Iraqi political analyst.

Finally, Hasan Salman said the incentive behind some Iraqi politicians’ support for MKO is not the group itself, but they support this group because of their anti-Iranian intentions.