‘U.S. backs internal conflicts in countries’‎

Secretary General of the Habilian Association (families of Iranian terror victims) Seyyed Mohammad Javad ‎Hasheminejad said on Tuesday that the US decision to delist Mujahedin Khalq Organization from the list of terrorists is in line with Washington’s Iran campaign.‎

He made the comments in an interview with IRNA news agency on the sidelines of the second ‎Meeting of the Press and News Agencies of the Union of the Islamic World which kicked off in Tehran ‎on Tuesday.‎

Hasheminejad said Iran’s list of martyrs mounted to ‎‏17,160‏‎ by martyrdom of Ahmadi Roshan, the ‎Iranian nuclear scientist.‎

On September ‎‏21‏‎, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton passed Public Notice ‎‏8050‏‎, de-listing ‎‎the MKO from the State Department’s Specially Designated Global Terrorist list, ‎effective September ‎‎‏28‏‎.‎

‎“Although US had been seriously supporting MKO before the decision, now they openly defend and ‎support this terrorist group,” he said.‎

The Habilian Secretary-General said that the United States backs internal conflicts ‎inside the countries, ‎just like what they did in Iraq, therefore they plan such a scenario for Iran, then any group such as ‎MKO which ‎has such capability is good for them.‎

Hasheminejad is secretary-general of Human Rights NGO comprising of a group of families who have ‎lost their beloved ones in terrorist operations during the early years of the Islamic Revolution.‎

He said that the terrorism case in Iran has recorded the names of over ‎‏17,000‏‎ innocent people who ‎had been brutally killed by the US-backed terrorist groups, Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization, a clear ‎evidence to prove the fact that Islamic Republic of Iran has been the biggest victim of terrorism.‎

The two-day event will be held on the sidelines of the ‎‏19‏th International Exhibition of the Press and ‎News Agencies that kicked off on October ‎‏28‏‎ at Imam Khomeini Prayers Ground, Mosalla.‎

Media personalities of the World of Islam attended the meeting to review various related issues as ‎well as establishment of a permanent secretariat.‎