‘Portrayal of MEK as peaceful organization is flawed’‎

An Australian journalist says the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq group is “fighting to be delisted as a ‎terrorist organization in Australia and it has the backing of several Federal politicians.”‎

According to a report by Habilian Association, in an article published on The Australian newspaper, ‎Martin Silk wrote that following the removal of MEK from the US list of foreign terrorist organizations, ‎few Australian Federal MPs who support the terrorist group hope their country “will follow suit”.‎

He added that the MEK is lobbying to be removed from the Australian list of terrorist organizations, ‎saying, “it’s unclear whether the outfit will be able to shake off its past.”‎

He made reference to the MEK attack on the Iranian Embassy in Australia in ‎‏1992‏‎ and noted that the ‎Federal Police did not arrest and charge anyone.‎

Silk referred to some international institutions’ reports on the MEK such as that of RAND Corporation ‎which produced analysis for the group and listed its cult-like characteristics in ‎‏2009‏‎.‎

The Australian writer also published some parts of AAP interview with Dr Anthony John Billingsley, in ‎which this Middle East expert described the US removing of MEK from its blacklist as “a dark illusion ‎and a shameful demonstration of the power of lobbyists.”‎

The lecturer of International Relations at the University of New South Wales stated that he wouldn’t ‎call MEK a force for democracy in Iran, adding, “They're a group of weird, quite nasty terrorists, guilty ‎of killing a fairly large number of Iranians ‎including leading members of the regime, but also a large ‎number of Americans and other ‎westerners as well.”‎

‎“Dr Billingsley insists that any portrayal of the MEK as a peaceful organisation is flawed,” the article ‎further read.‎

In an interview with Martin Silk, Peter Murphy, an MEK advocate, denounced HRW’s report on the ‎terrorist group as “a spray job, but useful slander.” “There are obviously HRW staff that are very pro-‎Iranian regime.”‎

Silk wrote that when he asked him about the MEK members’ self-immolation in France and hunger ‎strike in Australia after the apprehension of their ringleader, Maryam Rajavi, his frustration became ‎apparent, and said that there was “no evidence anyone asked them to do that.”‎

‎“After the interview with AAP Mr. Murphy took to Twitter to say this author was a pawn of the ‎Iranian ‎government,” wrote Martin Silk.‎

Martin Silk concludes his article with Dr Billingsley’s remarks:‎

Some people think the MEK isn't so nasty after all, he said, because "they're blowing up our ‎enemies ‎rather than us".‎

‎“The fact is they're killing civilians,” he said.‎

‎“It's terrorism by any definition.”‎