‎‘MEK not renounced aggression’‎

A group of former members of terrorist MKO group wrote an open letter to the ‎president of the U.S. yesterday condemning MEK removal from the list of ‎foreign terrorist organizations as a “grave mistake”.‎

Following is the full text of the letter published on their website:‎

Dear Mr. President,‎

We are from Iran Pen Association in Europe that consists of defectors from the Iranian ‎group MEK which was just until recently in the US State Department FTO list. The ‎majority of us have each spent more than twenty years inside the MEK and each one ‎of us has abundant experience and knowledge of the MEK leadership, its cult nature ‎and terrorist activities.

We believe that your administration has made a grave mistake by delisting the MEK ‎and due to the terrorist nature of this group; the consequences of this decision will in ‎near future harm many people, including US citizens.

Let us ask you of the whereabouts of MEK leader, Massoud Rajavi. Is he hiding under ‎US Administration's support?

The information and evidence given by the MEK defectors in recent years together ‎with the views of analysts close to US administration suggest that by hiding and ‎helping Massoud Rajavi in order to tame the MEK and utilize it as a tool; the US ‎Government generates a terrible image of itself amongst the Iranian people and ‎opposition groups. The Iranian opposition parties and personalities consider the MEK ‎and its leadership as an authoritarian and religious cult which is light years away from ‎the basic values of democracy. Therefore, the US Government support of the MEK and ‎Rajavi ruins any reputation of your administration. Please note that many of the MEK ‎defectors have legal cases against Massoud Rajavi for which he has to be brought to ‎justice in any international court.‎

The reasons why we believe delisting this terrorist cult is a grave mistake by the US ‎Administration, include:‎

1‏‎. The MEK has never put aside aggression and armed struggle. The MEK and its ‎leadership has not officially und publicly announced that it is rejecting aggression and ‎armed conflict and has never criticized its past and recent acts of terror. Indeed, ‎every year the MEK celebrates the start of its terror campaign. In many European ‎countries and in France specifically, by orders sent out by Maryam Rajavi; legally held ‎meetings and gatherings of the MEK's opponents are attacked by MEK members ‎carrying sticks and bats, injuring peaceful protestors.‎

2‏‎. Rajavi has said many times that the MEK will regain all its weapons and bases it ‎had to give up by the force imposed by the US Army. He is hoping he will have the ‎arms and strategic barracks like Ashraf back and start his terrorist activities again.‎

3‏‎. Before the downfall of the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, Massoud and Maraym ‎Rajavi had always their "anti-Imperialist" slogans and in every morning parade and ‎training, the MEK forces had to sing MEK composed anti US songs such as: "Yanki go ‎home or your blood will be spilt" or "the battle against America". On September ‎‏11‏‎, ‎‏2001‏‎ when US came under Ben Laden's terrorist attacks and the twin towers in New ‎York were destroyed, leaving many of your compatriots dead, wounded, shocked and ‎in tears; MEK Camp in Iraq was the only place in the world that Massoud Rajavi ‎ordered celebrations and festivities. On that very day during one of his general ‎gatherings, the horrific scenes of ruins and explosions were repeatedly shown many ‎times while Rajavi rejoiced saying: "this (attack) is done by the reactionary Islam, just ‎wait and see when the Revolutionary Islam and the Organization (MEK) set out to do ‎its job"!‎

4‏‎. A python never gives birth to a dove. So, how can MEK with its cult leadership and ‎structure all of a sudden change its course over a night? The MEK was founded with ‎the aim of fighting what it called US Imperialism and the Imperialist paper tiger. ‎Then, on the eve of Saddam Hussein's downfall by US, Rajavi ordered all anti US ‎documents, books, films, songs and archives be wiped and burnt and then set out his ‎new policy saying the MEK should tactically show it is moving in parallel to US policy.‎

5‏‎. When the MEK was designated a foreign terrorist organization in President Clinton ‎administration, Rajavi used to wear his military uniform and colt gun in the MEK ‎general gathering , calling for an all-out war against USA, saying he is the iron fist ‎against US. This was due to the fact that he had Saddam Hussein's support by means ‎of funds, weapons and several bases and barracks in locations in Iraq. But nowadays ‎he has been forced to take off his military uniform and his forces at the transit camp ‎in Baghdad await possible acceptance as refugees by other countries. Thus, Rajavi is ‎now on his knees and begging you to save himself from the quagmire in Iraq.‎

6‏‎. MEK has no tolerance whatsoever to the slightest criticism from inside or outside. ‎Inside the cult and under Rajavi's absolute rule, any disagreement or opposition has ‎always been ruthlessly suppressed by imprisonment, torture and execution. The ‎members have no basic human rights and are cut off from the outside world. They ‎have no access to radio or TV stations, no access to any means of communications. ‎The members have been denied even the very basic right of contacting or meeting ‎their families and Rajavi has branded the families as mercenaries and does not allow ‎any contacts. So has such an entity with such a leadership exercising these gross ‎violations really changed into a decent political group? Is it not naïve to think or ‎suggest that the MEK has distanced itself from its dark and bloody history, while there ‎is not any statement from its leader regretting its past?

7‏‎. Frankly speaking, because of the problematic nature of MEK, you cannot use it as a ‎card, let alone a winning card. We believe you are betting not on a losing horse, but a ‎dead horse. The MEK is on the verge of collapse and suffers from:

‎- Lack of legitimacy in the Iranian society and is much hatred by the Iranian people ‎due to its joining Saddam Hussein's war against Iran. MEK has no roots amongst ‎Iranians.

‎- Lack of political legitimacy among Iranian opposition groups inside and outside Iran ‎because of MEK's terrorist activities and its leader's personality cult.

‎- Being tools of other countries, like Saddam's Iraq and some others, leaving it ‎isolated and much detested by the people of Iran.

‎- MEK and its leader still believe in armed terrorist activities and savage means to ‎reach its goals, while history shows the time of such bloody and brutal means has long ‎expired.

‎- MEK's leadership is incapable of understanding and analyzing the socio-political ‎situation in Iran.‎

Based on the above mentioned reasons, we believe that your decision to delist MEK ‎has no political justification and is irrational, lacking sufficient knowledge and insight ‎into this cult. In our view this decision is bound to fail and it cannot help to ‎democratize a terrorist organization which is ruled by the Rajavis' personality cult.

Therefore, and with all respects, we ask you to revise this decision.‎

Yours sincerely,‎

Iran Pen Association