New batch of MKO moved to Liberty

Police in Diyala province announced that the ‎‏8‏th batch of the Iranian Mojahedin khalq ‎organization (MKO) members has been moved from “Ashraf” camp to camp Hurriya (Liberty) in ‎Baghdad.‎

Police source told NINA on Friday, Oct. ‎‏12‏‎, that Security authorities in Diyala province moved ‎‏100‏‎ MKO members from “Ashraf” camp to “Liberty” base in Baghdad.‎

He added that only ‎‏100‏‎ members of MKO remained in “Ashraf” camp, and they will be moved ‎in the coming days within the ‎‏9‏th batch.‎

It is noteworthy that on December ‎‏2011‏‎, the Iraqi government has concluded an agreement with ‎the UN stipulates ending the presence of MKO in Iraq; and it began moving its members in ‎batches from "Ashraf" camp, in Diyala province, to camp “Liberty” in Baghdad.‏95‏‎_VQ=GDMMJH