Dankof describes MEK delisting as ‎‘horrible, reprehensible decision’‎

Despite Elizabeth Rubin’s article on the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) in the New York Times ‎op-ed of August ‎‏13‏th, ‎‏2011‏‎ entitled, “An Iranian Cult and its American Friends,” and her ‎earlier July ‎‏13‏th, ‎‏2003‏‎ essay, “The Cult of Rajavi,” not one American in one hundred could even ‎identify this organization or anything about its history.

After a multimillion dollar lobbying campaign, the United States lifted the terrorist organization from the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, a.k.a. MKO and PMOI).

Habilian Association has conducted an interview with Mark Dankof, former US Senate candidate, San Antonio to ‎further discuss the issue.‎

Mark Dankof: It is a horrible, reprehensible decision. It is also a decision entirely predictable, ‎given the actions of the Zionist War Party in making it happen. I discussed that in my last chat ‎with you fine folks. The subject also came up briefly in my last conversation with Press TV last ‎week.‎

Habilian Association: Will this decision worsen American-Iranian relations?‎

Mark Dankof: Absolutely. But that is the Master Plan of the International Bankers; the ‎Zionist War Party led by Netanyahu and an American Congress once referred to by Pat ‎Buchanan as “Zionist Occupied Territory“; a Corporate Media in this country owned lock-stock-‎and-barrel by these interests; and last, but not least, the Multinational Energy Consortiums.‎

It is because of these forces that the United States and the West are already at war with Iran, a ‎totally immoral and illegitimate endeavor. The economic sanctions directed at Iran’s banks and ‎its energy sector are draconian. Its airspace continues to be violated from time to time. Covert ‎black operations in Iranian Azerbaijan, Khuzestan Province, and Balochistan Province, have the ‎fingerprints of Israel, the United States, and Britain all over them. The Washington Post admits ‎to a supposedly “unexplained five-fold increase” in bomb blasts in Iran in the last two years, at ‎military depots, nuclear plants, and energy related pipelines. And then there are the ‎assassinations of the Iranian nuclear scientists in recent years. It is an open secret that the ‎MEK/MKO/PMOI has been working as a surrogate black operational force with Israel’s ‎Mossad in these unsavory, criminal efforts. Plausible deniability of knowledge or involvement ‎in these international crimes on the part of the American Administration simply cannot be ‎maintained. Even Newsweek smugly offers virtual confirmation that this is what the game ‎involves, even in offering its Zionist approval of such terrorist plots and operations.‎

Dr. Philip Giraldi of the Council for the National Interest, and Dr. Paul Sheldon Foote of Cal ‎State-Fullerton University, remain as two trustworthy sources of inside information for the ‎American public on what is going on with Israeli and American utilization of the MEK. It is a ‎sordid and increasingly tragic business. We are likely to see just how evil all of this is in the next ‎year.‎

And make no mistake about it. The RAND Corporation report on the MEK is still solid. They ‎are a terrorist organization, a totalitarian cult for indoctrinated members, led by clinically evil ‎people.‎

The Mossad and the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK/PMOI): Will Israel employ them in a False Flag ‎Operation against the United States falsely pinned on Tehran? Is World War III the Endgame?‎

The signals being sent by the American Government on this are clear. Terrorist ‎organizations are fine, as long as their criminal activities are being conducted by the Zionist ‎State of Israel and on behalf of the other core constituencies we have already mentioned ‎which drive American foreign policy. Take al-Qaeda, for instance. The United States ‎allegedly invaded Afghanistan to destroy this Islamic militant organization held responsible for ‎the events in New York on September ‎‏11‏‎, ‎‏2001‏‎. There are two problems with this. First, how ‎can al-Qaeda be an implacable foe of the United States in Afghanistan, while being in alliance ‎with American/NATO/Israeli operations in Libya, and now Syria? In the case of Syria, it is ‎obvious that the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Gulf Cooperation Council ‎‎(GCC) States are recruiting foreign mercenaries and supplying arms and cash in trying to ‎overthrow an Alawite/Shiite regime and replacing it with a Sunni-oriented one. The endgame ‎here is to further isolate Iran and to set the table for coming military operations against Tehran. ‎If the so-called Free Syria Army (FSA), or other similar Sunni black operational groups with clear ‎al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood connections succeed in overthrowing the Assad regime in ‎Damascus, Iran would lose its strongest supporter in the Arab world. The Shiite Crescent of ‎Iran-Syria-Hezbollah would be severely damaged. The stage would be set for the deployment of ‎American/NATO and Israeli military forces in that country.‎

The second problem is this: I and many others believe that Israel was behind the ‎‏9-11‏‎ attacks ‎in New York. I shared this belief and the reasons for it, with Kourosh Ziabari of the Fars ‎News Agency recently.‎

Israel’s history of involvement in False Flag operations is critically important. Look at the ‎Lavon Affair of the ‎‏1950‏s; the involvement of the Meyer Lansky crime syndicate’s Cuban ‎connections in the Kennedy Assassination; the role of Operation Cyanide in Israel’s deliberate ‎attack on the USS Liberty on June ‎‏8‏th, ‎‏1967‏‎; and now, in my opinion, ‎‏9-11‏‎. When you add to ‎this their history of stealing the United States blind in espionage operations, ranging from ‎purloining American nuclear materials at the NUMEC plant in Apollo, Pennsylvania to the ‎PROMIS-engineered theft of American nuclear technology at Los Alamos and the ‎Pollard/AIPAC spy cases, the pattern is obvious.‎

A key question then, is how all of this relates to the relationship of American Neo-‎Conservatives and the Israeli Mossad with the MEK. An organization called the Iran Policy ‎Committee is at the intersection of this relationship.‎

This issue is especially relevant in unraveling why the United States Central Command would ‎have been providing secret military training to MEK operatives at a secret location in Nevada as ‎documented by Seymour Hersh of The New Yorker. First, Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth and I ‎postulate that these MEK operatives were a part of some of the aforementioned MEK terror ‎operations in Iran being directed by the Israeli Mossad.‎

But there may be an even darker future angle to this story. Given Israel’s history of False ‎Flag Operations directed against the United States, what would prevent them from utilizing ‎the MEK in an operation against American interests abroad, or in the continental United States ‎itself, in something falsely pinned to Tehran? This would be the quintessential “catastrophic ‎and catalyzing event–like Pearl Harbor” to get the American public behind the launching of a ‎preemptive war with Iran, the war Netanyahu and his Eretz Yisrael crowd desperately want, the ‎war polls indicate would not presently be supported by an American electorate disenchanted ‎with perpetual American military involvement in Central Asia and the Middle East. Reading the ‎Israeli-driven Project for the New American Century (PNAC) releases of ‎‏1996‏‎ and ‎‏2000‏‎ on ‎using the American military as a perpetual Janissary force for the Zionist State, in conjunction ‎with Robert Stinnett’s book on FDR and Pearl Harbor entitled, “Day of Deceit,” and Pat ‎Buchanan’s review of Herbert Hoover’s diary on FDR and Pearl Harbor, should ‎contextualize how ominous the possibilities are for an Israeli/MEK plot to launch World War ‎III.‎

Habilian Association: Elements in the United States seem to be selling the idea of such a war as ‎essential to America’s national security interest. How do you react to that notion?‎

Mark Dankof: That notion is idiotic. In the case of Iraq, we invaded that country allegedly ‎because of Saddam Hussein’s possession of “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” That charge was ‎transparently fraudulent. Thousands of American dead and trillions of dollars later, we can be ‎less than proud of having killed over ‎‏600,000‏‎ Iraqis and displacing ‎‏2‏‎ million others. In ‎Afghanistan, we have killed thousands of Afghanis, and have spent about a trillion dollars. For ‎what? Absolutely nothing. Afghanistan is proving once again to be the Graveyard of ‎Empires, as the recent success of the Taliban asymmetrical attacks has demonstrated. The loss of ‎the ‎‏6‏‎ Marine Corps Harrier jets the other day was the greatest single day loss of American ‎aircraft since the Vietnam debacle. The subsequent suspension of our military cooperation and ‎training effort in Afghanistan because of the proliferation of Green On Blue attacks is the ‎tipping point. In both of these countries, the United States is running out of manpower and ‎money as its ill-fated occupation and the inability to stabilize the political situation in either ‎venue is crystal clear. We are arrogant enough that we failed to learn the lessons of the British ‎and Soviet Empires. Now we shall pay the price.‎

What we are doing to Libya and Syria is self-evident. And when it comes to Iran, a signatory to ‎the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the United States is perilously close to joining an ‎overt Israeli preemptive military campaign against Tehran, even as Israel is a non-signatory to the ‎NPT and is the chief nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons power in the region, even as ‎Israel continues its brutal occupation of Palestine and Gaza, and demonstrates its ongoing ‎criminal character through time with stunts like the Rachel Corrie murder and the Mavi Marmara ‎incident. This is all impending despite the fact that our support of the Zionist Enterprise is ‎draining this country financially, politically, and morally. We are becoming universally hated ‎around the world because of these policies, even as our domestic economic situation continues to ‎plummet. The ‎‏$17‏‎ trillion dollar on-line national debt is accompanied by a ‎‏$222‏‎ trillion dollar ‎unfunded liability for Social Security and Medicare. We have an actual unemployment rate of ‎‏22%‏‎ in this country. The American Dollar’s status as the reserve currency of the globe is ‎imperiled by this war spending, the foreign borrowing, and the Federal Reserve Board’s fiat ‎money printing press. What would a regional military escalation in the Middle East achieve for ‎the United States in this context, especially with credible threats of Russian and Chinese ‎retaliation for such recklessness?‎

And the real bottom line is this: Iran represents no military threat to the United States. It has ‎invaded no one else in centuries. If Zionist Talmudic racial supremacy theories, the crackpot ‎eschatology of the Scofield Reference Bible Dispensationalist Christian Right, and the global ‎banking system of the New World Order ceased to be the basis for our foreign policy stance with ‎Tehran, we might well discover that whatever our differences with the present regime, a ‎workable relationship and mutual respect can be restored.‎

Christian Zionist John Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio and Christians United for ‎Israel (CUFI): Netanyahu’s point man in enlisting American evangelicals in World War III for ‎the Zionist Enterprise and the New World Order.‎

In this regard, the latest actions of the United States Senate to pass a resolution which seems to ‎employ Netanyahu’s Red Line in the Sand on Iranian nuclear technology is deemed especially ‎irresponsible. In the first place, someone needs to tell these idiots that the Nuclear Non ‎Proliferation Treaty (NPT) gives the force of international law to Tehran’s legitimate insistence ‎that it can enrich uranium up to ‎‏20%‏‎. The idea of people like John McCain, Joseph Lieberman, ‎and Lindsey Graham that we should be attacking Iran for merely exercising its rights under ‎international law is absolutely simian. Second, with the overt threats of the Zionist War Party to ‎begin a Third World War, Iran might well be forgiven for a future decision to obtain a nuclear ‎weapon. One could actually argue that it would stabilize the situation in the Middle East, ‎especially if the United States Senate understood that Israel is the chief threat to regional peace ‎in that part of the world, and arguably to global peace with people like Avigdor Lieberman in the ‎Likud government. An especially chilling prospect to me is that the Likud regime and the ‎Temple Mount crowd might use a war with Iran as a pretext not simply to achieve the Eretz ‎Yisrael dream of expanding the modern Zionist State’s borders from the Nile to the Tigris ‎and Euphrates, but to step up policies of racial genocide against Palestinians specifically, ‎and Arabs generally. Why? Pat Buchanan’s latest book, Suicide of a Superpower, ‎demonstrates that the greatest threat to the Zionist State is demographic in nature, not ‎military. The birth rate differentials guarantee numerical minority status for Jews in Palestine, ‎minus a catastrophic event to reduce the population of their perceived adversaries. Would a war ‎with Iran be the pretext for a Final Solution for goyim in Palestine, and between the Nile and the ‎Tigris and Euphrates? Think about that one for a while and one might lose some sleep this ‎evening.‎

Habilian Association: Where is American public opinion on all of this?‎

Mark Dankof: The American public is too stupid to even have an opinion in these matters. ‎Despite Elizabeth Rubin’s article on the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) in the New York Times ‎op-ed of August ‎‏13‏th, ‎‏2011‏‎ entitled, “An Iranian Cult and its American Friends,” and her ‎earlier July ‎‏13‏th, ‎‏2003‏‎ essay, “The Cult of Rajavi,” not one American in one hundred could even ‎identify this organization or anything about its history. And Rubin is clearly tripping over ‎herself not to state what is abundantly obvious to anyone who examines the list of American ‎politicians and national security figures who have been illegally taking MEK money in exchange ‎for successful PR efforts to have them delisted and legitimized. They are all working at the ‎behest of the Israeli Lobby in the United States and the Israeli intelligence community ‎interwoven in the darkest corners of the American national security establishment.‎

That the government of the United States is involved with these murderers, both the MEK and ‎the Israeli regime, and that these relationships threaten what remains of the American Republic, ‎not to mention the planet’s innocent globally, is of no consequence to the average American ‎citizen. He or she is far more upset at the ‎‏$150‏‎ million dollars that changed hands last night ‎when the Green Bay Packers were robbed of victory over the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL ‎Monday Night Football game because of incompetent officiating by replacement referees. It is ‎of paramount importance to such people that the dispute between the league’s owners and the ‎Officials Union be resolved, in order that competent officiating be restored to the Empire’s ‎gridiron ritual for the masses on Sunday afternoons and Monday nights.‎

With such priorities, who can be made to care that a foreign government and its Lobby are ‎buying American elections, corrupting our news media, and rubbing their hands in glee at the ‎prospect of yet another War for Israel and Global International Capital?‎

This is where it is. It is grim.‎

And the nature of the demonstrations today in New York against President Ahmadinejad’s ‎presence at the UN tell the tale of the tape. The MEK alliance with Israel was up front and ‎center. Can one American in ten thousand understand what this means, or where it is leading? I ‎think not.‎