Why do the western media whitewash MEK terrorists?

Once again, western newspapers are carrying water for recalcitrant Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorists by whitewashing their disobedience towards the Iraqi government.

These days the government of Iraq is involved with the transfer of the sixth convoy of terrorist anti-Iran MEK from their long-hold base in Diyala province to a former U.S. military base in Baghdad which has been stalled for more than three months over the grouplet’s complaints regarding the conditions of their new temporary home.

According to the reports, some of the Ashraf residents attacked Iraqi police in a bid to prevent them from inspecting their belongings.

But the story does not end here! The terrorist group issued a statement condemning Iraq for beating and injuring its members. The story reverberated around the western news media that “a statement by the People’s Mujahedeen Organization of Iran said its members were beaten with sticks, metal bars, stones and other objects, leaving 20 people wounded.”

Ironically, the U.S. Department of State made no reference to such horrible (!) events in its press statement released Wednesday August 29, 2012. Instead, the Department’s spokesperson appreciated the government of Iraq since it “has made considerable efforts to achieve a peaceful and secure resolution for the residents of Camp Ashraf.”

On another occasion on Tuesday August 28, 2012, Victoria Nuland who leads the Daily Press Briefing at the State Department reiterated, “We commend the fact that the Iraqis are working well to help move these individuals.”

The question is here that why the mainstream media give cold shoulder to these statements as well as the remarks of an Iraqi official when he says “we found military equipment in the group’s stuff.”

You can see the statement of a terrorist group published in many news agencies, but you will not see the remarks of Diyala province police commander when he says that a number of body armors, combat boots and night vision cameras have been discovered inside the suitcases of some female members of the group.

Jamil al-Shamri added that the attack was due to the inspection of their stuff.

The United Nations has said frequently that it “monitors the relocation process,” but the terrorist group also accused UN special representative for Iraq of lying and misrepresenting conditions at Camp Liberty.

Is the true nature of this group hidden to them? Didn’t they notice the frequent insubordinations of the terrorist group towards the government of Iraq and United Nations? How about the late-July U.S. State Department’s statement in which Victoria Nuland praised positive measures of the Iraqi Government, such as “transporting the cargo convoy of 300 additional air conditioners, several large water tanks, additional generators, and three specially-equipped vehicles for residents with disabilities” from Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty and its commitment to a “peaceful resolution” of the stalemate?

She added that the time is now for the leadership of the Ashraf residents to “take a similarly constructive step and immediately resume the relocation of residents” from Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty.

Is there anyone out there who is not familiar with the bloody history of MEK and its cooperation with Saddam Hussein?

The terrorist group was founded in 1965 to oppose the U.S. backed Pahlavi regime and adopted Marxism as its ideology.

After the victory of Islamic Revolution in 1979, the group supported the take-over of the U.S. embassy but soon turned against the Islamic Republic and waged an armed conflict against the Islamic government and ordinary people.

During the Iraqi imposed war on Iran, MEK members took sides with the Iraqi dictator and betrayed their own motherland.

Iraqi executed dictator, Saddam Hussein provided MEK with military support and financial assistance. From then on, MEK members have been housed in a paramilitary camp in Diyala Province, Camp Ashraf.

Iraq considers MEK a threat to its national security, and urges the closure of their long-hold paramilitary base in this country and removal of its members from Iraqi soil. They have pledged to close down the Camp by December 31, 2011; however, in early December, United Nations urged the government of Iraq to extend the year-end deadline for shutting down the camp.

Finally in December 25, 2011, an agreement signed between Iraq and the United Nations to relocate residents of Camp Ashraf to a temporary transit location where the UN High Commissioner for Refugees will start a process of refugee status determination, “a necessary first step for their resettlement outside Iraq.”

Iraq started relocating members of the terrorist anti-Iran grouplet, and the group’s ringleaders started voicing complaints about the conditions at Camp Liberty, which was once house of hundreds of thousands of American soldiers, and furthermore its “humanitarian standards” have been approved by the U.S. and the U.N. officials who have visited it.

MEK has always shown that its true nature is always there and never changes.