Martyr Habibollah Maleki

Name: Habibollah Maleki

Son of: Hasan

Date of Birth: May 29, 1955

Place of Birth: Tehran

Habibollah Maleki was born and raised into a religious family in NaebolSaltane Bazaar, one of Tehran’s oldest neighborhoods.

He spent his primary school years at Adib Neishaboury School, and attended secondary school in Karim Khan Zand High School and Ferdows High School.

Owing to his great interest in Islamic sciences, Habibollah Maleki attended Ayatollah Dr. Beheshti’s weekly Qur’an interpretation sessions along with his brother, Javad Maleki.

He received his diploma in 1975 and fulfilled his military service obligation afterwards. Maleki always disobeyed orders from his commander when he was in his service obligation due to his revolutionary spirit. For that reason, he was under arrest and exiled on remote places most of the times.

After his service obligation, Maleki sat for the entrance examination to the Tehran University. He succeeded the admission competition and started his university studies in the field of demography.

Maleki knew no fear of the bloody Pahlavi regime and its cruel agents, and he continued his struggles against the Pahlavi dictatorship with courage and confidence until the victory of Islamic Revolution.

After the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Habibollah Maleki joined the Islamic Republic Party, the ruling political party in Iran at the outset of the revolution. There, he put forth all his effort into the consolidation of the Party. At the beginning of his work in the Islamic Republican Party, Maleki was in Tehran and then he went to other provinces.

He played a key role in the first Parliamentary election as well as the presidential election since the birth of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Maleki had been appointed as the governor of Iranshahr just six month before he was martyred. As the governor of Iranshahr, Maleki did his best to improve the city, which was once a place of exile for most anti-Shah revolutionaries and clerics.

On June 26, 1981, Habibollah Maleki traveled from Iranshahr to Tehran to visit his family members, and he participated in the June-28 meeting at the office of the Islamic Republic Party. Maleki was martyred in the Islamic Republic Party headquarters bombing along with 72 officials including ministers and members of parliament.

During a meeting with Tahir Jalil Habbush, head of Iraqi intelligence under Saddam Hussein, ringleader of the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, a.k.a. MKO and PMOI) assumed responsibility for this terrorist operation.