‘Close terrorists’ HQ in Auvers-Sur-Oise'

A defected member of the Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorist group wrote a letter to the new French President François Hollande asking him to close down MKO’s headquarters in Auvers-Sur-Oise in Paris.


Your country is known as the heritage holder of one of the most progressive democracy in the world but unfortunately, I should say at the present time, your country has become a safe place for the pmoi known terrorists who consecutively escape from the law and the justice on purpose. This cult and terrorist gang has assassinated and slew 12000 of Iranian citizens during the past decades besides that this notorious and savage cult had killed and slaughtered thousands of Iraqi people in 1991 by the direct order of the Iraq dictator, Saddam Hussein. Is it in your country dignity as well as in your constitution to allow these pmoi cutthroats and murderess and torturers to live in peace in your country and enjoy all kind of freedom whereas they do not legalize and accredit these freedoms and laws for others?

The European Union unfortunately had delisted these criminals from the terrorist list simply and by the wrong policy, but is it possible to ignore their criminal past and their terrorist record?

Who is exactly the justice enforcement? Are the borders of justice distorted and altered in French constitution and is there a legal vacuum? In your opinion, do we have a good terrorist and a bad terrorist in the world we living? In fact, this is a big insult to the civilized people of France when these criminals and terrorist cutthroats known as mujahedin work and live like a king in your country and the law has not been implemented and carried out against them!

Mr. President!

The Rajavi’s terrorist cult has perpetrated more crimes than the Al Qaeda terrorist organization, and why the French government has sent its troops as part of NATO mission thousands kilometer to Afghanistan soil to fight terrorism but in its soil cannot implement and enforce the law and justice against the terrorists?!

The Rajavi’s terrorist cult has perpetrated more crimes than the Serbian generals and we has witnessed that after many years the Serbian criminal generals have been incarcerated and arrested and they have been brought to justice in the international court of justice to be tried for the crimes they perpetrated against humanity, but the pmoi terrorists are free in Europe specially in France and in my opinion this kind of behavior towards these terrorists in France is like giving these criminal and cutthroat terrorists an award for their crimes and unfortunately I should say that the European union’s decision upon the delisting this terrorist group from the European union terrorist list is an unbelievable and shameless act and it is a confirmation and ratification of terrorism and the organized crime!

Mr. President!

ON 22 of June 2012, a number of the freedom lover Iranians who were the victims and critics of the Maryam Rajavi’s terrorist gang and were imprisoned inside the garrisons of this organization in Iraq for years and had been tortured by the direct order of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, they had a demonstration and peaceful rally in Paris which was completely lawful and authorized by the French authorities , suddenly and unbelievably were attacked and assaulted and beaten up by Maryam Rajavi’s hoodlums and cutthroats in front of the eyes of the French people during their peaceful and legal rally in Paris. The scenes of their assault to these victims and critics were too awful and terrifying to see.

On June 2007, Maryam Rajavi’s terrorists and hoodlums attacked the critics’ session in FIAP building in Paris and they began assaulting the critics and created tension and fear and savagery in that building. Obviously if the French police and the French tribunal was investigating and handling their assault and savagery perfectly, we would not have faced and confronted by Maryam Rajavi’s arrogance and her bludgeoners and hoodlums’ savagery and brutality in trampling the French constitution upon the freedom of speech and the freedom of the gatherings.

Mr. President!

I am one of the victims of pmoi who was imprisoned and incarcerated in the Ashraf cultic and medieval garrison and as a result of my dissent and dissidence with the criminal leaders of this terrorist gang, Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, I was injected by the deadly and dangerous poison and I became poisoned and sick and I suffered a lot after that. Have you heard such a savagery , brutality and inhumane deed in your life or in Europe and in European parties’ history? This vicious and inhumane deed was ordered directly by this bloodsucker, executioner, imposture and deceitful woman, Maryam Rajavi and her executioner husband Massoud Rajavi.

Mr. President!

If your fight with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan is not just because of your coalition with the US Government, please show your honesty and dignity to the humane basics in the name of the French constitution and in the name of human rights and in the respect of thousands of Iranian families who lost their loved ones during mujahedin’s terrorist operations,and take the terrorist Maryam Rajavi and her terrorist commanders to the French court of law and to the justice ,and expel them from your soil.

Maryam Rajavi has perpetrated the crime against humanity, this criminal had ordered the killing and slaying and suppressing the Kurds and Shiais in Iraq who uprose against the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in 1991. The killer Maryam had ordered the dispatch of the terrorist teams and mortar launchers to the cities in Iran specifically in Tehran for terrorist missions. The bloodsucker and cutthroat Maryam had directly ordered the eternal light operation witch was Saddam’s proposal and as a result of that operation hundreds of pmoi members were killed and according to the terrorist Maryam and the criminal Massoud, in that operation 55 thousands Iranian soldiers were killed and wounded as well. I and hundreds of the former members of this organization were present in that organizational gathering before and after the mentioned military operation and we are eye witnesses of the crimes which were perpetrated by this terrorist cult and we are ready to testify in any court of law.

Mr. President!

With all these documents and crimes and evidence , is not possible to take Maryam Rajavi to the court of law? Unfortunately the French tribunal despite of all documents and concrete evidence and facts does not act to its duties correctly and it acts slowly . since 2003 , the terrorist Maryam Rajavi’s file which all its aspects are clear and transparent and because of that she got arrested , is open and its investigation has prolonged and under the shadow of this prolongation the terrorists are enjoying themselves in France and by holding the sticks and bludgeons in their hands are mocking the French law and the people of France.

No to terrorism ! either Al Qaeda or Mujahedin Khalgh!!!

Please begin your fight with terrorism from France!!

Close the terrorists’ headquarter in Auvers sur Oise in France!!!

All the best

Farzad Farzinfar